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#15, Iron Plate, minifig series
Published 10 months ago
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He was always one of the best cops.
I put many in prison, and made many enemies. My biggest rival was a man named Ridley. I would put him in prison, then he would escape, so I would put him back in a more secure cell, then he would escape again.
Ridley got tired of this. He got tired of me. So he decided to get rid of me once and for all.
He made a racket down at Armor Industries, which made many things, including robots.. It was nighttime, so no one was around. I went down there to stop him, but it was a trap.
He started one of the robot shelling machines. The one that fuses the robot's inside to it's outer metal skin. I got caught in the machine, and the next thing I knew, I was waking up in a hospital three weeks later.
The doctor told me that the machine fused metal onto me and he wouldn't be able to remove it with ripping me apart. He also told me that it was a miracle I was alive, and that I wouldn't be so if the factory hadn't been using so much radioactive power, which I had been infused with from the machine.
I was able to leave the hospital the following week. Life could still be normal for me, except for the layer of metal around my whole body but head.
It could've been, but that was around when I discovered that I could fly.
My assumption is that the nuclear power in my body was able to charge the suit around me. That gave me the ability of flight, and super strength. There was also a intelligence chip installed in the back of my head, giving me a high IQ power.
I decided to become 'Iron Plate', and I fought for good.

Next up: Ep. 2 Where is Ridley smiling face with open mouth

This is based off a physical minifigure I made quite awhile ago, but he had different printings, no shoulder thing, and was much better. Maybe I could find a way to show you guys, if you really want to see him.
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10 months ago
Nice figure, and cool back story. How do you come up with this stuff?
10 months ago
Thanks! I have no idea where this stuff comes from, I just like creating stories.
10 months ago
Your welcome, how many figures are going to be in your series?
10 months ago
Who knows? I rather want to find out myself, so I'll have to use my time machine. After I fix it.
10 months ago
Who knows? I rather want to find out myself, so I'll have to use my time machine. After I fix it.
10 months ago
Oh, well let me know once you find out.
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