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#18 Gerald Smith, Minifig series
Published 4 weeks ago
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Gerald Smith is simply this.
A boring tour guide.
He seems to work everywhere, at this museum, then at that factory, then in some old house.
He's not even very good at his job, mumbling information in his old age, forgetting facts, moving the group slowly. Very strict.
Or is he?
By day: A confused old tour guide.
By night: A secretive popular guy?
No one knows of his nighttime activeness. The guy's actually really smart.
He likes to go to fancy bars and nightclubs, known as Shadow Hat, and he's, well, Cool.
Sometimes he'll dance on the dancefloor. He's always the most talented at that.
A few times he took over for the DJ. Sure he played rather old and nostalgic songs, but he did them in such a way that no one could get enough.
Never gotten drunk before.
If a fight ever broke out, he'd always be the last one standing.
After the night is over though, he goes back as a old tour guide.

Man, if anyone knew who was behind that mask...
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4 weeks ago
Nice! face with tears of joy Cool idea to make to figs connected together. I love the backstory as usual. smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes
195 models | 11.5k views
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