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Dylan Brock Custom
Published 1 month ago
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Real Name: Dylan Brock

Hero Name: King Of Symbiotes/ God Of Symbiotes

Age: 18

Origin Story: Spoilers For King In Black if you have not read issue #3 after realizing he was the only one who could defeat Knull (That appeared in #3 Of King In Black) he took it upon himself to kill Knull once and for all after that there was no other ruler to the Symbiotes which made them incapable of doing anything and then he realized since he was the only one powerful enough to defeat the Ruler of symbiotes he should become The King of All Symbiotes so he did, Purified all the Symbiotes and here he is now still the Ruler yet still trying to live a normal life...

Human/Symbiote Hybrid Physiology: Dylan outwardly appears to be a normal human boy, but is actually a piece of the Venom symbiote incarnated in human form. Dylan was initially unable to consciously control his powers, which would activate instinctually under moments of extreme stress - such as when his life is being endangered by enemy symbiotes. However, with practice and instruction from Knull, Dylan eventually became able to consciously utilize them. When Dylan's powers are activated, his eyes turn from having blue irises and white sclerae to being black, sometimes with tendrils emerging from the outer corners, and with white or red spirals in place of his pupils and irises. According to Mister Fantastic's analysis, Dylan's powers derive not from Knull but his opposite, the God of Light.

Symbiote Domination: Dylan is able to sense symbiotes; and when his powers are activated he is able to forcibly repel symbiotes attempting to bond to him. He can forcibly control them against their will, and is also able to easily kill symbiotes that are threatening his life. Dylan is unable to bond to symbiotes, and attempting to do so or even being in contact with them when his powers are active causes them excruciating pain. However, Dylan is able to remote-pilot symbiotes by connecting to the Symbiote Hive - something only Knull was previously capable of.

Some magic powers he had in Issue #3 I don't know what they're called though

A Little Bit Mystic Arts Training from Doctor Strange

Extra Stuff:
Jamie Brock (grandmother, deceased);
Carl Brock (grandfather);
Martha Brock (great-aunt, deceased);
Anne Weying (mother, deceased);
Eddie Brock (father);
Venom (partial genetic contributor);
Sleeper ("brother")
He has the Captain America Shield Based off Issue #3 Of King In Black

Base Of Operation:
Manhattan; formerly San Francisco

Gender: Male
Eyes: Blue; Black Eyeballs with black irises and no pupils, white spirals, or red spirals when symbiote powers with activated
Hair: Blond
Universe: Earth-616
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1 month ago
I didn't read the storyline yet. I am busy with Outlawed.
1 month ago
want Dylan to join my thanos sons black order? titan (that's his name) would probably offer protection.
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