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New Zealand Photo from Scrubs *Updated*
Published 5 years ago
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This is a Picture from Scrubs posted on the Forum.

*updated Version*
Size increase: 546x364 -> 611x407 (198744->248677 Pixel)
Bricks: 56079 -> 64334
compression ration: 1:3,544 -> 1:3,865

It has a size of currently: 611x407 ( 248667 Pixel )
It has 64334 Brick. The Compression ratio is 1:3,865 .
The compression is Loose-less, no pixel gets lost. 1:3,865 is good for a Photo, less complex Images should get compressed even more. How it's done can be seen here.
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64334 pieces
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5 years ago
Your algorithm is getting good
5 years ago
I wanted to comment on your Michelangelo mosaic, but every time I tried it would freeze up halfway through the sentence and I'd have to restart my browser. I wanted to say:

"Nice self-portrait. That's you with the beard, isn't it?"

It doesn't have the same effect this way.
5 years ago
No, I was the one, who gave Eva the Apple!
As far as I know, you use a Mac from 2006 or an IPad, maybe you are running out of Memory. The creation of Adam almost has double the amount of bricks. For more Information you should ask Scrubs.
5 years ago
I was using the iPad, and I have- drumroll, please-

24.8 MB.

Good thing you pointed that out... Time to get cleaning.
5 years ago
WOW, this is amazing!!! I can't believe this isn't ''real''!
1 year ago
maat hoe krijg je dit voor elkaar?
8 months ago
Wow, New Zealand forever! It looks so amazing!
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