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LEGO® Borg Cube by Mikhail Zyryanov
Published 2 years ago
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LDD import with missing parts like flexible tubes. Rendering in 4K took 10 minutes.
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2 years ago
Absolutely fantastic!!! 8-D
2 years ago
did u model the whole stuff in mecab. or did u mirrored one Piece in an other 3d Software?
2 years ago
I am active in several LEGO groups (on Facebook, too) and catched this by random. The design was modeled in Lego Digital Designer by Mikhail Zyryanov and unfortunately some parts are missing because of differences between the LDD and Mecabricks library. Special flexible parts will be ignored for technical reasons. Maybe I will complete all this manually.
2 years ago
@PANDIS Nicolas has implemented an LDD importer what imports the parts by ID and transform data. Some parts might be incorrect placed. If you realize this just report to SCRUBS (the mastermind of Mecabricks) and he will add this to his growing list of features and fixes. smiling face with open mouth
2 years ago
I let my jaw drop. Resistance was futile.
2 years ago
Woah! Borg Cube = Greeblies Central!

This is really good.
2 years ago
That is truly a work of art! Do you know what inspired the artist who created this?
2 years ago
This creation..this creation..broke me laptop,its to weak to handle it.
2 years ago
Ouch! Any idea what your disk and CPU is?
2 years ago
Four years old Dell Precision XEON 2x 6 Core with GTX 1080Ti 11 GB. The dual XEON speed is half the GTX 1080. I am building a Ryzen 1950 Threadripper with GTX 1080Ti at the moment.
2 years ago
Nice! My computer (laptop) is a LENOVO ideapad 500. I am planning to try and build a desktop machine but man are they expensive! I am currently resetting my laptop because next month it will be officially one year old.
7 months ago
would be awesome challenge to build one. No chance of sharing the LDD?
7 months ago
@trysee Unfortunately I can't share it because the originally designer passed it to me just for the rendering.
5 months ago
looks like the transformers cube, or the all-spark
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