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60008-1: Museum Break-in
Published 2 years ago
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"Stop the burglars at the LEGO® City museum!

In a daring midnight raid, the burglars are breaking into the LEGO® City museum through the rooftop window. Before they can escape with the valuable treasures, they trip the laser beam. Don't let them use the rope to make a rooftop escape! Keep a close eye on them with the Elite Police helicopter's LEGO® light brick spotlight until the Elite Police van arrives to make the arrest! Lock up the pesky burglars and take the treasures back before they escape in the getaway van! Includes 6 minifigures: 2 burglars, and an Elite Police pilot, driver and 2 Elite Police officers with assorted accessories.

>> Includes 6 minifigures: 2 burglars, Elite Police pilot, driver and 2 Elite Police officers, all

with assorted accessories.
>> Features opening rooftop window.
>> Vehicles include Elite Police van, Elite Police helicopter and a burglar getaway van.
>> Accessories include painting, blue diamond, sword, plate and a gold nugget element.
>> Elite Police helicopter features LEGO® light brick spotlight and spinning rotors.
>> Accessories include rope, handcuffs, flashlight and a walkie-talkie.
>> Turn on the Elite Police helicopter's LEGO® light brick spotlight!
>> Arrest the burglars!
>> Recover the treasure!
>> Measures over 5" (14cm) high, 4" (12cm) wide and 5" (13cm) deep.
>> Elite Police helicopter measures over 2" (7cm) high, 7" (19cm) long and 6" (16cm) wide.
>> Elite Police van measures over 3" (8cm) high, 5" (15cm) long and 2" (7cm) wide.
>> Burglar getaway van measures over 2" (6cm) high, 4" (11cm) long and 2" (6cm) wide."

Missing and replaced Parts (last updated 2018-02-12):
-Missing Part 3008pb130.
-Missing Part 30350pb022.
-Missing Part 3039pb073.
-Missing Part 3626cpb0884.
-Missing Part 60581pb018L.
-Missing Part 60581pb018R.
-Missing Part 60581pb019L.
-Missing Part 60581pb019R.
-Missing Part 6179pb061.
-Missing Part 6636pb071.
-Missing Part 87079pb111.
-Missing Part 92593pb013.
-Missing Part 970c00pb126.
-Missing Part 973pb0989c01.
-Missing Part 973pb1322c01.

-Part 2446 replaced with Part 30124.
-Part 2456 replaced with Part 44237.
-Part 30350c replaced with Part 30350b.
-Part 3941 replaced with Part 6143.
-Part 4079b replaced with Part 4079.
-Part 52 replaced with Part 30385.
-Part 57895 replaced with Part 60803.
-Part 61482 replaced with Part 97927.
-Part 87552 replaced with Part 94638.
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603 pieces
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2 years ago
UPDATE 2018-02-13
Totally forgot to add the brick seperator.

So, here you go, have fun seperating!
2 years ago
Wow, the memories! This is one of my favorite sets. It was one of the first I bought with my own money. Nice to see it in MB.
2 years ago
I totally like it as well, for it was designed during the LEGO® City Undercover police phase, but never bought it actually.

So I gave it a try, and it was actually extremely easy to build, just time consuming.
2 years ago
Great set! But I have a question, could you be able to build the 3ds versions of Jalopy and Narym pls?
(From Lego City Undercover: the chase begins)
2 years ago
If you could provide me some High-Res images, sure.
2 years ago
/Users/sudent/Desktop/Screen Shot 2018-05-21 at 4.54.03 PM.png
/Users/sudent/Desktop/Screen Shot 2018-05-21 at 4.54.13 PM.png
1 year ago
NGCHunter2 made an awesome model using the instructions. I didn't fancy spending hours making it, so luckily I found this.
1 year ago
Thanks for the rendering! Looking great!
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