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The Knights of Ren Trailer #1: Arashi Character Spot
Published 1 month ago
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Official OST is here https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLcZI0hiUsDGy_B5uYvIbbbq9nVFOBlazN . It'll get updated from time to time. Any of these go fine with this,but tell me if you have any requests for a song to put on the playlist.

*shrill, hoarse breathing..*

Arashi: I did what I had to do..

*Arashi is impaled*

Arashi: What I needed to..

*Arashi lays bleeding inside a watery place*

Arashi: But I did it like a true champion.

*back-shot of Arashi, he puts on his helmet with hands shaking*

*Arashi gives warm smile*

Arashi: I love this place. I love this people.

*Arashi flexibly fights with battered, torn up General Grievous*

*side-shot of each knight. Arashi steps in front*

Arashi: Maybe.. we could be a family..

*Arashi slashes wildly with lightsaber*

Arashi: Each and every one of you makes me proud.

* Arashi clashes lightsabers with mysterious figure*

Mysterious Figure: You will know true pain, one way or the other..

*shrill, hoarse breathing..*

Arashi: We fight to avenge.

*one final breath. everything goes black*

Arashi: It's what knights do.

_____________________________STAR WARS________________________________
---------------------------------------Chapter 6 1/2------------------------------------------
_________________________The Knights of Ren____________________________

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1 month ago
Sry it is taking a while. I am trying to find time to make my fig
3 weeks ago
Well done, if this could actually be visual, it has the potential (IMO) to be a hollywood movie trailer!
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