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GH-27 Gallofree Heavy Frigate
Published 2 years ago
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(This was born from another lockdown exercise in building with small parts, using a handful of pieces for the S-IVb stage of the
Saturn 5, subsequently redesigned and scaled up. One of the largest projects I've done on this site so far.)

The GH-27, or 'Gallofree Heavy' were produced in a limited run by Gallofree yards just after the clone wars, hoping somewhat vainly to compete with Kuat's upcoming Nebulon-class Frigate. This would prove fruitless twice over as first, the Gallofree heavy favoured defense and modularity at the expense of combat effectiveness and second, the market for such a frigate shrank dramatically as the ISD-1 programme delivered greater results. As such, the limited run of Gallofree heavies were mothballed, and soon forgotten once Gallofree yards were bought out by Kuat.

The modularity of these ships would make them viable assets to the Rebel Alliance, who relied much more heavily on versatile mid-sized warships. The GH-27 known as 'Crimson Home' underwent heavy modification to furnish the ship as an escort carrier. To make space, much of the ship's drive and powerplant section would be reclaimed, rendering the ship sluggish and only capable of mounting light turbolasers. This also left gaping inefficiencies in the ship's design and operation, and was long known as a fuel hog and a nightmare for maintenance crews during its service in the fleets of the Alliance and New Republic.

The new hangar bay however, was remarkably spacious for a ship of its size, capable of supporting a flight of PBN Y-wings and nearly a squadron of A-wings simultaneously. The hangar system could also comfortably house an MCS-12 landing craft, providing an extra dimension of tactical flexibility and allowing it to support and oversee small-scale ground operations.

Renders available at: https://imgur.com/a/XHV2V7I and https://imgur.com/a/r4FqxTT
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2 years ago
Ok, im confused, is this Star Wars or Gundam?
2 years ago
Yep, it's Star Wars. Out of curiosity, what made you think it was Gundam?
2 years ago
Gallofree sounded like Gallahan when said out loud, but yeah, thanks fi clearing that up
2 years ago
No problem! But yes, Gallofree yards is a shipbuilder in Star Wars, famous for the GR-75 transport. This is a fan design for a heavy frigate produced by the same company.
2 years ago
This is some mighty fine greebling, my friend. Great work
1 year ago
While a little boxy, I like what you did here. I also love the turrets. You did an excellent job with them.
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