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Living Destiny (Chapter 3)
Published 2 months ago
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—Chapter 3—
“Maybe he found something?” Mark considered “Maybe. But he would’ve let us know.” I said “Hey guys.” we turned around to see August, out of breath “Sorry I was late.” he said “Where were you? We where supposed to meet here half an hour ago.” Mark said “Oh, I uhh was on the other side of the city. I thought I told you two.” August said “I don’t remember you telling us that.” Mark said “I must’ve forgot, sorry.” said August “It’s fine.” I said. I heard my phone ring and got it out of my pocket “Hello? Yea...ok, we’ll be there soon. Bye.” I said, then hung up “Fury wants us back as S.H.I.E.L.D.” I whispered so no one else could hear. August nodded his head “Ok, let’s go. I parked my car not too far away.” Mark said. We walked to where Mark’s car was and got in. The whole ride there was quite. None of us really talked. We got out and went inside S.H.I.E.L.D. “Did you find anything?” Fury asked when we got in the meeting room “No.” August said “Everything was normal.” Mark said “Strange. An agent said that on the cameras there was suspicious activity...” Fury thought out loud “May I ask, who was it that told you?” I asked “Agent Jones. I trust her, but her info seems to be false. I’ll talk to her tomorrow. Right now you should get some rest.” said Fury. I looked behind Fury, in the distance was a clock. It read 11:08 (pm). Isn’t it weird that there’s just a random clock on the wall? No, just me? I guess it is late. “Ok! See ya tomorrow.” August said with a yawn, then walked out the door. “Well, he seems a little...happy.” I said “I guess he’s just glad to be back. I know I am.” Mark replied “You could say that again.” I said. After Mark and I talked a bit, I headed to the girls room. The first thing I saw was, you guessed it, April and Lisa arguing. “So you’ve told me. But WHY did you do it?” Lisa yelled “I was trying to be nice! It’s the thought that counts.” April replied happily. I rolled my eyes and walked over to my bed. Why when I get back they start this? “Hey, what’s wrong?” I asked “Oh nothing.” Lisa glared at April “Just wondering why Mrs. Joyful flooded my bed with sticky-notes, saying things like ‘Thanks for showing me how to punch properly’ and a bung of other ridiculous stuff.” Lisa said with her arms crossed. I looked under Lisa’s bed covers. It was stuffed. “Wow...that is a lot” I muttered. “Seriously! It’s called being nice.” April said “No, it’s called being messy” Lisa shot back “Ok, ok. Just stop.” I started, then turned around to them. Lisa looked like she was exhausted and April looked confused “Fine.” Lisa wiped the notes clean off her bed and flopped down. “I’ll go check on August.” April said. She walked out and closed the door. I climbed up to my bed and got under the covers.

I walked through a hallway. It should be here....“Oh! Hey, April. Uhh...how was it today?” I asked “Hey August! Pretty good...other than Lisa ya know, getting mad at me. Anyway, I was starting to wonder when you’d come back.” April said with a chuckle “Yep, we’ve been busy all day. I’m a little tired. Gonna go to bed now.” I quickly said “Oh uh, ok. Good night then.” April said, then I saw her waved as I walked to my room. Phew....
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