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Junkers Ju-87B Stuka
Published 2 months ago
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Yet another infamous or famous, depending on perspective, aircraft used during the Second World War. Produced in Germany and used by the Luftwaffe throughout the entirety of the war, the Junker's Ju-87 Stuka was among the most successful dive bombers used.

The Stuka made its mark in the world for, being widely known for it's iconic Scream heard when diving, often known as the Jericho's Trumpet. This scream was produced via a siren mounted on the bomber that would spin up as it began a dive. With these sirens, the bombers became destructive to enemy infrastructure as enemy morale, as terror would begin to ensue when the Jericho's Trumpet began screaming.

Pictured here is a Ju-87B Variant beginning it's dive. The B Variant of the Stuka were among the first to use the Jericho's Trumpets.

(The funny thing about this MOC was that originally, it was supposed to be a Minimodel instead of a full size. It started at the Nose, but as I saw it was too big for Minimodel scale, I decided, instead of scrapping and starting over, to just making a full blown Stuka, because why not.)
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2 months ago
Later on, even the pilots couldn't handle the siren.
2 months ago
Great job, but you must have the G variant in order to experience the fullest pinnacle of German wokeness,
2 months ago
Amazing. I like some of the techniques you used. I am looking to make a Stuka model myself when I learn better modeling techniques.
1 month ago
looks very cood
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