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Ultimate Avengers Tower
Published 10 months ago
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Here it is, at long last...more than a year in the making: my very own MOC of a UCS-style Avengers Tower!

This is a set that I really hope Lego will eventually make, and ever since the arrival of the Daily Bugle earlier this year, this might become a reality sooner rather than later. Comparable in size to the Bugle, my Avengers Tower MOC uses the same size of baseplate and can connect to other modular city buildings.

Much like the Lego Death Star, this Avengers Tower recreates several iconic moments from many movies spanning the MCU, with a focus on Avengers: Endgame and Avengers: Age of Ultron, where this version of Avengers Tower was featured the most. I designed it in such a way that you could tilt the hinged windows down to access every side of each floor. In addition, like the Daily Bugle, each floor can be easily removed for access and play.

The tower itself features seven separate floors. The ground level represents the grand atrium/lobby, and is based off Stark Tower's lobby as seen in the 2012 flashback sequence in Avengers Endgame. Features include a security desk, a seating area, a back room containing weapons and Easter eggs, plus a faux elevator and staircase to recreate Hulk's wall-busting moment from the movie. The facade of the atrium also features the Battle of New York Memorial that was erected after the events of The Avengers. Meet undercover Hydra agents Alexander Pierce and Brock Rumlow as they try to steal the Tesseract from Tony Stark!

The first floor of the tower houses a massive arc reactor, the main power source of the building. Next to the reactor is a control panel for those who want to recreate Obadiah Stane's iconic "Tony Stark built this in a cave!" moment.

The second floor comprises of a miniature Hall of Armor as seen in Iron Man 3, displaying different Iron Man legacy suits and featuring play elements such as Tony's juice blender, record player, and of course, DUM-E. Collect up to five Iron Man suits to display in each case!

The third floor is Tony Stark's and Bruce Banner's laboratory as seen in Avengers: Age of Ultron. This lab is packed with Easter eggs from the movie, including Vision's cradle, Loki's scepter, Ultron's and Jarvis's A.I., and a mini hologram of Avengers Tower. Research the Chitauri scepter and help Tony and Bruce discover the secret to artificial intelligence!

The fourth floor is the Iron Legion repair bay, which is where the physical body of Ultron was born in Avengers 2. Pose the mechanical arms to fix the damaged Iron Legionnaires and build Ultron's first body on the rotating podium!

The fifth floor is the Quinjet hangar bay, which can fit a mini-scale Quinjet from the first Avengers film. This floor also extends to the Quinjet landing platform which gives Avengers Tower its characteristic shape. Fuel up the Quinjet in the hangar and get ready for its next mission!

The sixth floor, located directly above the Quinjet hangar, is the deluxe penthouse suite where Tony throws his lavish superhero parties as seen in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Serve drinks from the bar as heroes lounge on the comfy sofas and take turns trying to lift Mjolnir!

Above the penthouse, the highest room of the tower contains a small weapons armory that houses some of the Avengers' iconic weapons, including Captain America's shield, Hawkeye's bow, Black Widow's guns, as well as Peter Parker's Iron Spider suit as seen in Spider-Man: Homecoming. This section is topped off by some antennae and a satellite dish for incoming and outgoing radio communications. Avengers, assemble!

This set features a whopping 33 minifigures (excluding the Hulk bigfig that is missing from Mecabricks). While we have seen some of these figures before, I have given many of them certain upgrades such as accurate recolors, arm printing, and dual-molded legs. However, many of the figures we have never seen in Lego form! These include Dr. Helen Cho, Erik Selvig, Brock Rumlow, and Jasper Sitwell.

Please let me know what you think of this MOC in the comments! Feel free to use in your own MOCs but give credit where due. Fingers crossed that this set one day becomes a reality!
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10 months ago
Dude this is insane
10 months ago
Awesome, dude!
It leaves me speechless!
9 months ago
This is SOO COOL!!!You made this! WoW
9 months ago
Finally you used this hairpiece for Black Widow. For some reason people use the other hairpiece made for Natasha which looks so cartoonish
9 months ago
Thanks so much! Yeah, I made this all from scratch. Took a while xD but I'm really happy with the finished product.

And yup, I altered some of the existing Marvel figures to make them look more accurate to their onscreen appearance and that hair for BW looks so much better. Glad you like it and Happy New Year!
9 months ago
yes! im the 1 thousandth view! congrats ! great model by the way. i love it. that's a lot of time and effort.
9 months ago
That is amazing!! i love it!
9 months ago
Dude this is amazing!!!!! You have to put this to Lego ideas because this set is just absolutely INSANE!!!
9 months ago
Much appreciated! Unfortunately I can’t put this to Lego Ideas as they don’t allow MOCs under the Marvel IP. But feel free to share on social media to get this even more support!
7 months ago
finaly an avengers tower that has a botom and a door, unlike the officiel ones
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