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Foresight chapter 17
Published 1 month ago
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Previously on Foresight: After Hydra attacked Manhattan, and the threat of The Vapor and Viridescent Shadows has been growing, the agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. have their work cut out for them.

Chapter 17

After Jemma and Fitz took Piper to the medical lab, Coulson held a meeting with whomever was available. Which, at the moment, was Lee, Clint, and Daisy.
“We need to attack now.” Lee slammed his fist on the table.
“But we have nothing that could defeat the force that strong,” argued Daisy.
“I’ve seen these things up close,” said Lee. “They’re weaker than we think. They can be beaten.”
“With what?” the his brother asked with crossed arms.
“Another ghost,” murmured Coulson.
Suddenly, Lee felt eyes on them and turned around. A young woman with bright blonde hair who wore a S.H.I.E.L.D. uniform was spying on them from the doorway. Lee didn’t recognize her at first, but knew that she wasn’t allowed there based on the color of her uniform. Before she could leave, he rushed over and grabbed her arm. She was clearly frightened by him, but he needed answers.
“Who’s this?” he inquired.
“Jill,” said Daisy, plainly surprised. “What are you doing here? This is a classified area.”
“I-I didn’t know,” muttered the woman, Jill.
“Let her go, Lee,” said Clint.
Lee sighed and did as the older asked. Jill stepped away quickly as soon as he released her.
“Hey,” Daisy called to Jill before she ran off. “I need to tell you something.” She left the others and followed Jill out in the hall.
“Is she new here?” Lee questioned as he closed the door after Daisy left.
“Something like that,” replied Coulson. “She was the agent who got injured in the field when Hydra attacked.”
“Oh yeah!” Lee remembered her now, and felt a little guilty for scaring her. “She’s inhuman, right?”
Elena walked in after scanning her keycard on the door’s pad. “She’s not an inhuman. We really don’t know much about her since she couldn’t find her power source.”
Clint looked annoyed. “Can we just get back to our conversation now?”
“Right,” said Coulson. “So Lee thinks he knows ghosts better than us, but that isn’t true. We know so much more. Because we know Ghost Rider.”
Lee leaned over the table in anticipation of what he would say next. But he would have to leave it at a cliffhanger for the moment. Because Daisy suddenly burst in, yelling a name that everyone but the brothers recognized.
“Ward!” she looked frazzled. “Ward is alive!”
Coulson and Elena just stood there, mouths agape.
“Who’s Ward?” asked Lee, sharing a confused glance with Clint.
Daisy turned around and ran her hands through her purple hair. “Only the worst person to ever walk the Earth! And out of Earth! And in Hydra! And—”
“Calm down, Daisy,” said Coulson comfortingly. “How’d you learn this?”
“From Jill.” Quake was officially panicked as she paced back and forth, her voice cracking. “She said… she told me… he’s alive! He survived what we all did to him!”
“So he’s, like, a supervillain?” said Lee, trying to understand.
“No,” growled Elena. “He’s worse.”
They all stood there in silence. The only sound was Daisy’s heavy breathing as she sat down on one of the chairs placed in the corners of the glass room.
“As much…” Coulson spoke slowly and quietly. “As much as I’d like for us to go all out on this news, we can’t afford to. I’ll send an encrypted message to the director, but until that happens, I have to be the highest ranking agent here and address the really threatening—”
“I’m gonna go tell May.” Daisy stood suddenly and interrupted Coulson’s speech. She walked out quickly and with purpose.
“We’re gonna have to draw straws for who’ll tell FitzSimmons,” said Elena. “Especially Jemma. She’ll probably strangle whoever shares the news with her unless it’s Fitz.”
Coulson let out an exhausted breath, so Clint said for him, “We have to stay on target. We can’t let this distract us.”
Lee nodded. “I know this Ward guy sounds like the absolute worst, but we have to be smart about something for once.”
There was silence once again. The news of this nauseated the original agents, but the new ones made exceptional points. Coulson and Elena looked at each other, knowing all this.
“Like Hawk-Guy said,” Elena spoke up, “we have to stay focused. So, agent, what were you saying about our dear friend Robbie?”
Lee perked up and Coulson scoffed, saying, “I have no idea how we could find him again, but he destroyed Aida when that seemed impossible, so I know we need him for this fight.”
“Where did you last see this dude?” asked Clint.
“When he when through a portal to another dimension,” Elena answered.
“But we had a portal ready for him in the old base,” Coulson pointed out. “If we could just get there and find it, then we could find him. But the only person who knows how to control the portal is—”
“WARD’S ALIVE?!” the screech came from an angry, dainty British girl in the doorway. “May just t-told me! We have to g-go find h-him and-and shoot him into a-a volcano! W-we have to go right now! NOW! Where’s Fitz?”
“Lemme guess?” Lee sighed. “That’s her.”
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1 month ago
you sure ward repellent doesn't have some sort of deficiency ?
1 month ago
LoL, yeah really.
It’s told in Wave-Runner how he’s alive, and I’ll also go into more detail in my upcoming Avenger book.
1 month ago
Why do I find everyone's reactions to finding out about Ward so funny? This is just great! Or terrible I suppose cuz Ward is terrible. I don't know anymore
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