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Custom Harumi Minifigure
Published 2 years ago
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So, I was thinking about the princess activity on Lego Ideas, then I thought how Harumi kinda fits what they were asking for, so I made a custom of her.
She is probably one of the darkest things Lego has ever done. She was nice at first, but then she kills her parents (like actively killed. Before then, anytime someone was fighting, they would just knock their opponents over. Like when the Ninja ever fought the snakes, they would just knock them all over, and the scene would end with a 'Retreat!'. No deaths. Most of the other villains didn't even do a foolproof kill either, although some have tried. But by pushing people of cliffs and stuff, not like stabbing them through the heart kind of way) then she summons Garmadon. I feel like the SOG season is closer to the Ninjago movie rather than the show. But enough rambling on about Harumi, and enjoy the custom!
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2 years ago
Great custom, I feel like I should really watch SOG, I finished Skybound last week, but I’m waiting to watch Day of the Departed before I watch Hands of Time, and I’m saving Day of the Departed for Halloween.
2 years ago
Cool custom!
Also, I think that SOG is more like the show then the 'mvoie' (Check your description)!
Also, it does look a little like Frenchfry!
2 years ago
*has no idea who this is* Nice!
*reads the description that pretty much explains her whole life*
2 years ago
And nice Render too! It cou”d by my “Render of The Day” for my next YouTube Upload!,
2 years ago
(I didn’t mean to put in a coma!
2 years ago
ApocalypticBrick: Thanks! She kinda does...

The curse of sharing a hair-style.
XForce198: Thank you. And yes, you probably should, and also thanks for that long and boring explanation of why you haven't seen that season yet.
, it make perfect sense.
MOCmaster: Thanks! Everyone has their own thoughts. I probably only think that because this was one of the first seasons that had the ninja's new looks. And good catch, I'll fix that.
AwesomeBrix78: Yup! Pretty much. I left out a few things though.
1. Her real parents were eaten by The Great Devourer, then she was adopted by the Emperor/king.
2. She joined an evil biker gang and had a demon mask thing that made her stronger.
3. Lloyd had feelings for her, but then he didn't after she turned out to be evil.
4. Her main colors were green! Then they changed her main colors! I didn't even recognize her!
@Lego_Lover: Thanks you, and I would feel honored!

I guess I'm getting a little better at posing then!
2 years ago
BB; You're welcome!
And what do you mean "Thanks you"?
(Sorry! XD)
And, you never know! I probably will!
2 years ago
Wait so she killed her parents, that were eaten by the Great Devourer? That must have been a feat.
2 years ago
She killed her adopted parents!
Her real parents were killed by the Great Devourer!
2 years ago
L_L: Whoops, and yay!
AwesomeBrix78: Yeah, what MOCmaster said. Her parents were eaten by the great devourer as a child, then she was adopted by the emporer/king/queen/rich dudes, but then she killed them with a bomb.
2 years ago
Wow, evvvviiiiiiiiiiiiillllllllllllllllllllllll.
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