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1954 Godzilla Brickheadz (MOC)
Published 3 months ago
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Built this a while ago after watching Godzilla vs Kong. I used to love Godzilla when i was younger so it was actually really fun to go design
Also, i added a 1x2 trans tile with a jet on it to make it feel like the model is in black and white (cuz Godzilla is usually portrayed as grey anyway

Thanks for your time!

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3 months ago
Nice details! (I’ve only seen Godzilla and King of the Monsters, though
3 months ago
@WB, Thx man!! ngl the old Godzilla movies are the best
3 months ago
Alright, I believe you.
Oh, yeah, I also saw the 90’s one.
One I really didn’t like, though, was the 2014 version.
3 months ago
yeah the 90's one is. . . well, it's the 90's

any particular reason you didn't like the 2014 one??
3 months ago
I know it’s gotten high ratings, and it has good fight scenes, but there are a few reasons it was my least favorite:

1. It tried to add more human stuff to the story, which is NOT the MonsterVerse’s strong suit. (
We watch them because of giant, mutant monsters killing each other.)

2. Because of this, there were barely any clashes until the 3rd act, and (although they were impressive) felt the movie feeling kind of hollow.

3. There’s not really anything to be gained in this chapter to watch the other MonsterVerse movies, as only Godzilla, that scientist guy and the other “MUTOs” show up again.

All in all, not my favorite, but I understand a lot of people liked it.
3 months ago
dang that's a really good review

honestly i agree. . . i mean, i enjoyed it, but it did feel kinda slow
3 months ago
i want this i would pay so much for it it is awsome (and cute no offense to Godzilla)
3 months ago
can i use it plzzzzz ill give you credit and link when it is done
3 months ago
@miz, thank you bro!!

ummm what do ya wanna use it for??
3 months ago
KoE - Thanks!
(I just spend a lot of time thinking about movies I’d watched)
I would, however, have given Kong: Skull Island 5/5. Definitely the best MonsterVerse movie, in my opinion. (This depends if you count Pacific Rim)
Skull Island had a great cast, (mostly from Marvel) the human stuff was pretty funny and heartfelt, and there was a good amount of action mixed in.

Maybe Skull Island wasn’t as epic or long as Peter Jackson’s King Kong, but I still preferred Skull Island.

(Speaking of the PJ one, that scene with the bugs in the ditch was so disturbing!
I don’t even have Entomophobia/Arachnophobia, but it was hard to watch…
3 months ago
KoE-i had the idea of taking this giving it a more updated look than doing a Godzilla vs
Kong brickheadz build cause I wanna do the kong
3 months ago
@WB, yeah i agree on the Kong: Skull Island thing. def the best
(really? i loved the bug scene

@miz, alright sounds good, you can use it
3 months ago
Spider-Knight - It’s not like it wasn’t made well—it just gave me a lot of “get-it-away” vibes.
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