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Sci-fi RPG - SRC: Chapter 1, day 3
Published 1 month ago
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(I meant to post something yesterday but ran out of time. So, this was written to explain what happened yesterday, and what's happening now.)

Sci-fi RPG: Sterge Range Conglomerate - Chapter 1, day 3

The Bedouin careened through space, racing towards their destination. Jason Greenfield captained this vessel, with Benjamin Jeff at the helm. Captain Greenfield and his crew had been assigned to this Demeter-class Transport craft just yesterday, after graduating from the SRC training center. Their job was to escort some ECU scientists, who were gathering information on the Spearhead Syndicate, a large group of pirates who had been attacking many civilian and commercial vessels without taking much, so no one knew their motives.

Jason was nervous, but also excited. He and his crew's final exam had gone badly, and although it could've been worse, he didn't sleep the entire night before the results were announced. Thankfully, they had been assigned to a relatively useful vessel, as Demeter-class transport ships could be purposed for many things, with faster-than-light comm systems used only on the SRC's private vessels, and a dimension-hopping drive. This allowed them to temporarily enter the 4th dimension, allowing for faster-than-light travel. They were not using that at the moment, as the ECU ships they were accompanying did not have the same tech.

His 2nd-in-command, Luna Dalski, was doing a systematic diagnostic of the whole craft, checking with the crew and passengers. She then contacted the ECU vessels, and reported back
"Everything's running smoothly, Captain."
He nodded in acknowledgment and then said "I'm going to go to my quarters to plan. Dalski, you have full control of the ship while I'm gone. If we come across anything unusual, get me right away."
"Yes sir, Captain." The other crew members murmured in agreement.

Sitting on his small bed, looking up at the ceiling, he thought about what they were doing, exactly. It's not like the SRC had been badly plagued by the Syndicate, in fact, they'd taken much less damage than most other corporations, until a month ago. Of course, this could be the reason, but George Sterge was a rich man, and Greenfield couldn't imagine him worrying about a few pirates, especially when they usually didn't steal. But, then again, this was the Spearhead Syndiate. Hardly anything is known about them, and it would make sense if Sterge wanted more information.
Especially if the reports are true, Jason thought. There were rumors that Sterge was creating a craft to rival the Silent Spear, a ship that had become mythical in the eyes of most starfarers. Jason personally didn't believe either craft existed, but then again, there was no telling what either faction would do.

He thought back to exactly how they would complete their objective. He had been briefed that the ECU explorers had been hired by the SRC to help them find out more about the Spearhead Syndicate in general. They were to travel to a star system where many sightings of the Syndicate's infamous ships, Destiers, had been spotted. The problem was that the system's dual stars, Erga 1E and Erga 2E, were absolutely massive (a dual star system with 2 late-stage red stars), and their gravitational pull would affect everything there. He planned to have Dalski send the drone to take measurements to help their ships calibrate for the extreme gravity. If everything went wrong, he planned to get everyone aboard the Bedouin and hop to the 4th dimension, where they wouldn't be affected by the gravity. The ECU would lose some vessels, but that was better than losing everyone.

He wanted to do his best to make sure that wasn't necessary, though. He had chosen cloaking drives on both the Bedouin and companion drone, so as to give them the element of surprise if they did encounter any Syndicate craft. Until they arrived at the Erga E system though, it was purely a waiting game. His fears about managing his crew arose to the surface again, as they'd been doing for the last 27 hours. His trusted crew, Dalski, Jeff, and Forsner had all been teamed with him at the SRC academy, so he trusted them well, and they worked together easily. But the other crew members, well, he barely knew them. He hoped they would trust him, though he wasn't sure he trusted himself.

Just then, he got paged on the PA by Dalski. "Captain, your presence is required on the bridge. We lost communication with one of the ECU's craft."

"I got here as soon as I could. What happened?" he asked.
"Well, the Gerin just suddenly went comm silent. We have no idea why, though it's probably a malfunction. I was going to send the drone to investigate, but wanted your confirmation first." she informed him.
"By all means, go ahead and do that."
She started the protocols for the drone launch. She whispered to him "I didn't want to say anything, but we picked up a solar wind shadow on the sensors. Nothing could cause that but a gravitational or electromagnetic anomaly, or a cloaked craft."
"Electromagnetic anomaly?" he whispered. "You mean, an electromagnetic field from an iron-rich asteroid?"
"Yes, that's exactly what I mean. They're usually harmless, but if that's what this disturbance was caused by, based on the readings, we have something big to worry about." she whispered with concern. He frowned, very worried.
By then, the drone was gliding towards the Gerin, the ECU craft they'd lost contact with. Suddenly, there was a huge spike in the sensor readings, and the drone went silent.

Well, hope everyone's okay with this! And, also, tag every model like this, with the appropriate chapter and day numbers: Sci-fi RPG: Chapter 1, day 3

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1 month ago
Okay... I'm on the tip of my toes!
1 month ago
Greenie: I'll hopefully get day 4 out a bit earlier than 8:30 pm.
1 month ago
Congrates on getting featured!
1 month ago
The model is very sleek and I like the story behind it!
1 month ago
Woah, how on earth did this get featured?
1 month ago
Amazing job, have you though of becoming a writer / author?

Also that ship reminds me of UNSC infinity from HALO
19 hours ago
That is cool like AWESOME MODEL !
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