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Endgame MOC Minifigs
Published 2 weeks ago
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After two weeks of hard work, they are finally here! I know Hulk and Thanos are missing, but I am hoping to get them done as I create the Endgame Final Battle MOC. Here are the minifigs, from left to right:

CHITAURI - Nothing too special, just changed the color of the hips

EBONY MAW - I gave him hair

OUTRIDER(s) - I mainly gave them claws on account of their extra-arm piece missing

ANT-MAN - I changed the head, using Cap's as a base

IRON SPIDER-MAN - Possibly one of my favorite ones, this figure has a custom head, arms, and legs (I changed it to where their dual-molded) and custom extra arms (might be familiar to those of you who play LEGO Marvel Superheroes 2

IRON MAN - The standard issue figure with a custom head
I think it turned out great.

BLACK PANTHER - This figure is not kinetically charged (like the past versions
), or has eyes showing, or has the wrong colors of the armor and eyes (ahem, LEGO
). Yes, this fig's head features eyes that are the same as the movie's!

WASP - I gave her a custom helmet (which didn't turn out that great
) and a custom head (which looks cool
). The rest is the normal version

CAPTAIN AMERICA - I modified @CRM's texture to make it look more screen-accurate, and I think it came out pretty darn good (@CRM still did a great job though...

HAWKEYE - I was too lazy to give him an actual custom torso (no surprise there
), so I gave him the standard quantum jumpsuit (so original...

And that's pretty much it! I'm really proud of how these figs turned out, and I'm going to start on the MOC this week probably. I hope you guys enjoyed reading and tell me what you think in the comments
. It kinda sucks that big-figs like Hulk and Thanos aren't in the workshop yet, but I know Scrubs and Co. is doing the best they can with what they've got
. Thank you guys!
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1 week ago
Exelente,me encanta
1 week ago
WOW! Looks amazing!
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