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1k likes! (Plus Q’n’A)
Published 4 months ago
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Man never thought I would EVER make it this far. (I’m having to write this TWICE because it deleted it the first time) Before we start with the CMF, let me explain to you the rules for the CMF

1. I can choose whether or not to answer any of your questions.

These are in the order I published them FYI. Here are the different mes from left to right.

Me (CloneCommanderGree707): My first sigfig. (This is actually where I first met Lax)

Me for Team Lota: for DDG’s Meca-Scouts.

Me as a Mandalorian: Me as a Mando.

Join my Order of Knights: Me as the leader of the Ravens.

Me as a Knight: For FB’s story.

Me as a Ninja: Me as a Ninja.

My New Sigfig: My first REAL published Sigfig.

MecaKombater for EricArtman: For EricArtman’s MecaKombater competition.

Me for the Tunes Squad: For OD11’s Tune Team.

My New Sigfig: REALLY crappy custom piece.

New Sigfig and Username: Changed my name to LM_707_The_Clonetrooper.

Me as an Apocalypse Survivor: For X23’s Challenge.

Me in the 50’s: For LegoTron’s story.

Iustitia Quaesitor: For Azazel04’s Story.

I Fight for Jar Jar: When everybody was being mean to Jar Jar so me and the Uruk-Hai had to fight for him.

Winter Me: For Mr_Worriz’s MOC as well as Greenie’s Christmas Train (Check them out).

Newest Sigfig: I kinda like this one. It’s when Monsieur TumTums first came.

My Patronus: Some wizarding facts about me.

Me as a Jedi (Updated): A better version of my old one.

Join the Food Wars II: The Second Food Wars.

That’s it for now. Please check out those models and the other models I referred to.
Ciao. -ML

*note* 1. This doesn’t have the Waffle because that had a lot of clipping and I also made this before the #Waffle, check it out though.

2. It says I have 916 likes, but it’s actually 1016 likes, for some reason it deleted 100 of my likes so . . .
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4 months ago
very nice!
now some questions for teh QnA...
why do you keep using the number 707?
if you could define your Mecabricks species, what would it be? (Clone, banana, human, etc.)
how didst thou find MB?
why... just why... would you stand up for Jar Jar...
4 months ago
Good questions. I’ll make a model with everyone’s questions later.
4 months ago
Hmmm... Could have sworn that 50's fig was from my competition. Let me look for it...
4 months ago
why are your pant a recolor of a skirt piece ?
also, what are your opinions on seafood ?
4 months ago
@Customs- Oh really? Sorry, it was a while ago, don’t really remember.
@Barbara- Wait, they are!?
4 months ago
These are good. REALLY good. I don't have any questions tho
4 months ago
1000 likes, good job!!

Ok, now about that Q&A.
[1] How big is you Lego collection IRL??
[2] Have you ever gone pee-pee in the pool I know I have

[3] Was you the one who stuffed my letter box with mashed potato
4 months ago
Ohhh dang, I knew it
4 months ago
(Late) Congrats!

As per my question...

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