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50th module
Published 8 months ago
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I know 50 modules isn't that big of a accomplishment, but this module has various proposes. It has 4. Celebrating 50 modules, 1.4K views, and 138 likes, Letting you know about a new challenge I have out that may end soon, Thanking everyone who has helped me along the way, and releasing all of my custom parts to you guys.
Custom Parts:
Of course, my torso and Mandalorian armor,
bottom to top torsos:
black clone trooper, crying child (FNaF 4), Prototype sigfig torso, Wizard me torso, Gaster torso.
Bottom to top Heads:
troll, cool troll, Purple Guy (FNaF), Deadpool son (casual), Elizabeth Afton (FNaF), Gaster head.
Deadpool son (Head and torso)
Starkiller (torso)
Mando, Blue Mandalorian, Green Mandalorian, Grey Mandalorian (Arms)
Brown Mandalorian, Death Watch Trooper (Arms, Legs).
Zombie Luke Skywalker (Head, torso, right leg)
Zombie Survivor Darth Vader (Right arm, Left leg)
2x2 tile (FNaF 6 computer)
1x1 tile (brick head enderman eye)

New Challenge:
This Challenge is like Marvel Zombies, but it's Star Wars. Custom parts are allowed.

Many Thanks to:
@Br1ckGu5y (for introducing me to challanges)
@Lax_Swag5 (For introducing me to the concept of custom parts / showing me the ropes)
@SlimBrick1 and @TallGirl2006 (for showimg me the ropes and being good friends [in mecabricks].)
Everyone who has participated in my screen sigfig challenge.
The hosts and participants of challenges/contests/friendly showcases of skill I have had the honor of being a part of.
Mecabricks itself, for its amazing community and function.
going on 3/4ths of a year, Thank you.
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145 pieces
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5 months ago
Me puedes crear cabezas zombis o camisas
53 models | 1.6k views
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