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Sense Centravel / Centravel EX / Center V
Published 9 months ago
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A description on my mecabricks creations? Hah, that's new. And I apologize, this creation just needs some explanation for the unaware.

Apart from the occasional 10-wide car I post, I sometimes, when I don't have a lot of inspiration, throw some bricks at a 10-wide chassis and it suddenly becomes something I want to continue. This became a trend, so I decided to gather them, by creating my own brand: Razor.
That was 2012. Here, right now, in 2017, Razor has grown to be my collection of not very sensible sportcars. I decided that I like the idea of a production line with different models, and the evolution. The complete history is better visible in this Flickr album: https://www.flickr.com/photos/loek1990/albums/72157658370357078/page1

Long story short: my other brand is called Sense. These are Razor's but not sporty, so they're actually sensible to buy. The range goes from small city cars, to sensible hatchbacks, to super saloons, to recently, big SUV's. There's even a V6 powered MPV!

The latter I want to elaborate. It's an MPV, based on a normal car. When deciding what to build next, I decided Sense needs a bigger MPV, based on a van. So I made a van.

The van, displayed on the left, is called Center V, with the V for Van. It's combining the American idea of space with the European sensibility and styling we need. Great!

So I made a MPVan out of it. I called it Centravel, because people often use these kind of cars for... travelling. Changes are obvious, a big boot instead of the two doors, slightly changed rear lights (differences need to be obvious). All three models have a functional sliding door system which IMO works very nice. The MPV versions have two of them, on both sides. Big panoramic roof, alloy rims, less plastic, and bam. Two nicely styled MPV's.

Two? Yes, I divided it into the Family (F) and Executive (EX) model. Inspiration from Mercedes Vito. The Family version has 7 seats, which are fixed in place, but can be folded flat to create an enormous boot.
Because of this, the EX version, which is more expensive, seems to be weird, because it has 6 seats and their backrests are fixed, so you can't fold them. However, it has a turntable, and two small tables so you can make it into a moving business meeting room. The 6 seats are comfortable fullsize seats, making the EX a nice place to be.

That's how this biggest Sense came to be. More info and models can be found in my Flickr album via the link above. Ciao!
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by Loek
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