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Revan's Quest update
Published 9 months ago
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Okay, so if you've seen my most recent models, you probably know that I'm working on an animation called Revan's Quest. This animation was supposed to be released in September, but.......... Now it ain't. Over the past week, I've realized that I've seriously bit off more than I can chew. I'm going to go back and start all of the animation from scratch, redo some of the lighting, maybe tinker around with the music a little more, and release a decent animation instead of a rushed, half-mediocre animation.
So, all that to say, the animation will be delayed until further notice, but I'll still post updates here, and maybe on my Youtube channel, I don't know.

ALSO! If you would like to help with this project, drop me or Operator011 a message here or on Discord letting us know that you'd like to help, and what your skills are. (lighting, animator, sound designer, planner, etc.)
If you'd like to know what you're getting into working with me, ask Operator011. poor guy has to put up with me. He doesn't even know that I put him in this model yet.

Anyways, that's all!
See you next update!
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9 months ago
Yes, I must put up with this man, please send help

(Also, I didn't memorize the Deadline for CC's contest, will this delay mean that it doesn't make it?)
When I read "he doesn't even know that I put him in this model yet", I actually didn't, as the model hadn't loaded and I was just reading the description, so you were correct
9 months ago
Yes, Op needs help.
I don't think it'll make it, unless this goes a whole heck of a lot quicker than I thought.
If you want out, knowing that there will be no reward, you can be out
9 months ago
If I figure out animation, I might be able to help with that part. You'll have to share the storyboard with me at some point though, I suppose. But this is confidential info, we probably shouldn't be discussing it in the comment section of an announcement model. xD
9 months ago
Uhh, yeah, storyboard, right...........
I'm the storyboard, it's all in my brain
9 months ago
I can help if you need me to. I mainly make custom figs and write scripts and kind of edit videos at times, if you'll need it.
9 months ago
I'll let you know if I need that!
9 months ago
Awesome opossum!
Nom nom nom goes the crocodile
4 months ago
when is it coming out
4 months ago
One of these years, when I get better at lighting and such.
Been working on a lot of stillshot renders to improve those skills.
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