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The Dawn of Knight - Ch.3
Published 10 months ago
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The Dawn of Knight

Part 1


Erin Halt breathed in the salty sea air. It was a nice morning. Part of her wished she was just here to hang out with her friend, instead of waiting for a band of sea raiders to attack.
“You know, one day I want to go to the beach and just do nothing,” she said the word nothing like it was a mythical concept.
Her best friend, Katrina Ronwell, smiled at her. “We don't do that because you can’t do nothing.”
Erin was about to respond, when they heard yelling from a ship a ways off. She and Katrina ducked lower behind the dune. Fifteen minutes later, the raider’s ship anchored, and the leader walked onto the beach.
He studied the landscape for a moment.
“No vnes here,” he finally said with a heavy accent, “les go!”
The raiders began to unload their ship.
Erin turned toward Katrina and held up one finger.
They put on their helmets.
Two fingers.
They unsheathed their swords.
Three fingers.
They jumped over the dune and charged the raiders.
Erin went straight for the leader.
“Vat the kraken!” the leader exclaimed as he drew his sword.
Erin swung at him. He gracefully contered it.
“So you’re the young lady who’s veen attacking us.”
She continued to swing, he continued to block.
“Not bad. You have nice form.”
She didn’t respond. Suddenly he caught the guard of her sword with his and pulled it from her grasp.
“Vut, you are not very smart.”
She dashed into the water in frantic search for her weapon. He was behind her in an instant and slashed her leg. She screamed and fell with a splash. The leader held her sword to her neck.
It hadn't fallen in the water, he’d caught it.
“Good vye, little girl.”
Her left hand felt a rock in the gooey sand.
A… warm rock.
It didn’t matter. She pulled it out and posed to throw it at him.
Both of them froze.
It was glowing.
“No, it can’t be…” he mumbled.
Erin took advantage of his shock, and grabbed her sword just below the guard.
Before the leader could react, she and her sword vanished.



Here's chapter 3!! sry this one's a little late, been busy 0_0
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10 months ago
Noice. That's very intriguing.
10 months ago
Loving this so far, Knight! I'm so excited to see where it's all going.
10 months ago
This is great! I'm just so disappointed you didn't vividly include the part about the raiders slicing Katrina into little tiny... okay... maybe that's too far... O_O, and I'm kidding
. Great job bro, I'm-- okay, I'm not going to use a McDonalds phrase here... even by accident. I am REALLY enjoying this
10 months ago
This is awesome!
Kinda reminds me of Inkheart, if anyone's read/watched that.
10 months ago
@Op, thank you man!

@Greenie, hey glad you're enjoying it!! (umm. . . yes. . . i try to avoid the slicing up of characters in most of my stories. . . 0_0)

@Dragon, thanks!
yesss bro i love Inkheart!!
10 months ago
but I wonder, are the "v"s instead of "b"s a typo, or... THE VORTEX HAS OPENED
9 months ago
@Justy, yeah i wanted to attempt to give the villain an accent xD

@MrB, Thanks!!
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