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Green Goblin NWH
Published 2 months ago
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Custom Green Goblin minifigure Based on Spider-Man: No Way Home
If you want, you can use this fig in any of your sets, renders, animations etc. (unless you are selling it in any way). If you do, be sure to give me a credit (@adam_minifigures on Instagram)
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2 months ago
dude you're a god!!! thank you so much for this it looks amazing! are you planning to do other No Way Home characters soon? like Strange, electro or the lizard?
1 month ago
Hi Matt and thanks,
Yes, I am planning on doing all of the Sinister Six from NWH and maybe some other characters from that movie. Doc Ocks prints are all done, but I'm stuck on building his arms. He should be done soon, but I don't think I'll be able to make the six until Christmas. Thank you again.
1 month ago
hey that's ok don't worry, your'e super talented i have no doubts they'll look amazing, just take your time!! and i know how hard dock ock arms are to make!! are you doing the regular ones or the nanotech ones?
1 month ago
I'm normal arms and then recoloring some of the pieces to red to make the nanotech parts. I have actually finished Ock today so he should be public sometime today.
4 weeks ago
Hey can I use this in a MOC? I'd be sure to credit you.
4 weeks ago
Wow, looks amazing! Can I use this for a moc of No Way Home
4 weeks ago
Hi everybody, If you want, you can use any of my designs in any of your sets, renders, animations etc. (unless you are selling it in any way). If you do, be sure to give me a credit (@adam_minifigures on Instagram)
4 weeks ago
how do yo made the green goblin's helment?
4 weeks ago
It is an existing piece, I just put printing on it
4 weeks ago
es genial los detalles del torso piernas el casco que diseñaste es para mi mucho mejor que el original la otra cara tambien tiene mucho detalle se nota que le pusiste empeño es genial lo que me gusto mas fue el cuerpo tambien los brazos. ¿Como hiciste la impresion en los brazos?
4 weeks ago
this is amazing! nicely done!
3 weeks ago
rubsbrick, aviso que al parecer este creador no habla español
3 weeks ago
can you make me a custom venom? please
2 weeks ago
hey im new, i dont really know how to find the pumpkin bomb or the helmet so can you help me
2 weeks ago
I don't know how to print, can you help me?
1 day ago
Green Bandit, Spider-paul, anne-VENOM
8 models | 1.9k views
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