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CJ's Room.
Published 2 years ago
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So, This is the thing for MOCmaster's Mecabricks Hotel thing. This is supposed to be my Meca-Room. I know he said it could have whatever I want, but uh....I was lazy to make a lot of new decals. Beside, I need the storage space for my House in Real Life model I'm currently working on. So, I just made the Meca-Room look like my real life room. Sure, there's missing posters, and the placement of the stuff is not exact, but I had little space. So, i had to improvise. Anyways...I included my alarm clock (The colors of the digits are the same in rl) My Xbox One, my monitor (Which is bolted in the wall in rl) My desk with drawing board on top, my ASUS Windows 10 Laptop, and my dresser. Oh, also the lights above my desk. So like uh...That's it. I also used my new Real Life Minifigure in this model. And yes, I do have a Spider-Man Far From Home Hybrid Suit jacket in rl. Along with the Iron Spider, and Advanced Suit for the PS4 game. So like uh....Yeah. Peace.
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2 years ago
Awesome! I love everything that you did here!
2 years ago
It looks Awesome! Looks very cool and very detailed!
7 months ago
Pretty bad outward appearance but the inside makes up for it BIG TIME. Also, why do you not have a body?
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