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The Mystery Ninja Chapter ULTIMATE! MN's Power?!
Published 1 year ago
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Here is CHAPTER ULTIMATE! Where we find out MN's POWER?! Enjoy!

We all took charge at MN, calling him that name for not knowing any other identification for him.
And in the meantime, even some other Users came into take a hit, and Battle! And AB even threw his Sword at him and Nearly missed!
ArmoredBricks: What did I miss?
Me: All of the good parts, sadly.
And then, E.J.B Punched him, and he changed looks!
And after everyone had hit him. Not only that, but his Mask came off!!
Me: Wait, stop! MN, do you know what just happened?!
MN: Don't call me MN, I'm sick of that name! My real name is: Chris Jones.
We all gasped at this moment that he revealed his real name!!!
Chris: And you're right: I can't run anymore. Even though how much I hate you!
As he gave up, and sat against a wall I spoke to him.
Me: Well, that's all the better! Because something just amazing happened to you! You have Powers man!

To be continued...
And By the way, this is the end of the Platinum X Series! But don't worry! That won't stop me from making more MN Models!!
~The Chris Jones Arc, Coming To An End~
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1 year ago
HEHE! Look at all of us. Dog piling this poor dude. HEHE!
1 year ago
Great job. I loved it. It has been an honor helping you in this mission.
1 year ago
Thank you! And you're welcome!
1 year ago
Well, I had to span it over a few days. Because we were in and out of the house. So that's also why I didn't get to be on here much. And I would say about 2-3 Hours in total

Just mainly figuring out what Minifigures to put in.
1 year ago
haha awesome model let's all get'em!
1 year ago
@JmanBricks Yes! And Thank you!

@TheClacMan I am sorry you do not understand. This series has been running since about the beginning of my Account.
1 year ago
@Lego_Lover it would make a lot more sense if you took it to youtube as a stop motion (even though there's tons of cringe-inducing Ninjago-specific stop motions on youtube)
1 year ago
Would be cool! I'll PM to talk to you more
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