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Mandalorian Commander Brick
Published 1 month ago
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This is me as a Mandalorian for MOCmaster's clan of Mandos. And now for a backstory...

My name is Jek Kryze. I was born and grew up on Kalarba, not Mandalore, but my mother and father grew up there. To make a long story short, my father was a chef at a local restaurant on Kalarba, and my mother was a teacher. We kinda lived in poverty, as well as the rest of Kalarbaians.
I was your everyday teenager with a few talents. I knew a good amount about weaponry and trading skills with the locals.
I also had a younger brother and only two friends, and I could go on and on about my life before the change that happened to me.
One rainy day I was at the trading post after my lessons, and I heard a male human cry out about something that he saw in the cloudy sky of Kalarba. I looked up to see fore war Dreadnoughts.
I heard before of traders talking about past conflicts between the Tionese, so I figured those Dreadnoughts were theirs.
Some of the locals started panicking, others started to swiftly run to there houses, and then some were talking about defending there planet. So I just ran home as fast as my legs could carry me, and as I was, I heard and saw a gigantic explosion that blew up half of our village, I assumed it came from the Dreadnoughts, and I knew that my family didn't make it.
I fled from my home planet in my father's starship, and the next few years I made it on my own with my father's Madalorian armor that I found in his starship. I became a bounty hunter, something that I thought I would never become. I chased after credits, and made a killing off of my work. By the age of 17, I was feared by many in the Galaxy, and I carried some of the most exotic weapons.
So that's pretty much it to this day.
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1 month ago
That's not a lightsaber-right?
1 month ago
Thanks! Sorry though it's not done yet! To make a long story short, I borrowed your custom Mando helmet for the fig (I hope that's alright) And I had to import it to my build. So I'll be writing a thing about the figure or whatever...

Anyway, no it's not a lightsaber. But it's like a lightsaber.
1 month ago

That's fine f you use the helmet, that's what I made it for!
Also, that's good, because I have a rule in the clan saying no lightsabers! XD!
1 month ago
Those Klatooinians never stood a chance.
1 month ago
MOCmaster: I didn't know you had rules! Sorry if it looks too much like a lightsaber...

Kraus: True true.
1 month ago
TBH, it's not really official, it's just that I say so...
If you think it looks too much like a lightsaber, you could always change the color of the blade to a metal one!
1 month ago
I think I'll just leave it the way it is, btw I wrote a backstory about him.
1 month ago
That armour is really nice!
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