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MCRR II - Krozink, Kaboot, and Boscar
Published 9 months ago
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TrainOfThought posted Chugs (see link) a while back, and I've recently been inspired to make a second MCRR clan. I've never thought much of Mixels, but this was a fun timekiller project.

Check out TrainOfThought's original model: https://www.mecabricks.com/en/models/eDvVrXnevBR

"The MCRR (Mixopolis City Rail Road) is a tribe of Mixels centered around trains. They provide transportation from the land of the Klinkers to Mixopolis City."

Krozink is a friendly guard, warning passersby by waving his arm and motioning for them to stop to let trains pass. He uses his smaller arm to wave hello to his friends as they roll by.

Kaboot is the safety supervisor of the MCRR. His job is to make sure debris is clear of the tracks as it falls behind and that everything is in order as Chugs leaves the station. He's good at what he does and doesn't like to be bothered on the job.

Boscar is the team's freight transport, eager to grab cargo with his massive hands and store it in his mouth. When he arrives at the station, he spits it back up, ready to be shipped to its destination. He's a bit overexcited, but the other two are always there to catch his fall, sometimes literally.
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9 months ago
I love this! The character descriptions fit right in with the Mixels style.
I actually created the entire MCRR tribe a few years ago that you can check out here:
Because of that, this evokes the same idea to me as the second rounds of tribes they did in year two with the infernites, frosticons, and the glorp corp. I guess this means that the MCRR has a second set as well. Awesome!
Also, feel free to make a sixth member to complete a second tribe.

9 months ago
I've made the brand new member -- and leader -- of the second MCRR clan. I think his design is still expressive despite its evident lack of detail. Hope you like the new team -- I certainly do!
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