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Speed Champions Rendering Contest
Published 3 years ago
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Hi everybody,

It's my turn. This is the scene I created for the Speed ​​Champion Rendering Contest.

It's a simple scene happening in a warehouse and that shows a car thief who is in trouble because the police just discovered his hiding place.

The scene is composed of a piece of warehouse, four vehicles, which are the Ford GT of 1966, a Ford Mustang GT500 of 1967, a Dodge Charger of 1970 and a police vehicle, and three characters, which are the car thief, a police officer and a policewoman.

The set was rendered under Blender Cycles.

Thanks for watching !
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3 years ago
This was one of my favorites, good job!
3 years ago
Thank you, ArmoredBricks !
3 years ago
This was one of my favorites as well! I love the way the light reflects off the windshield of the GT40. And the bullets exploding on the floor give the scene a really cool "frozen in time" look. I also love how you can see out the door and onto the street where the policemen are standing. It gives the scene a great sense of depth. Awesome work!
3 years ago
Thanks for your feedback, Brickhoard ! I'm glad you like my render.
However, they are not bullet impacts on the ground, but simply little plants that grow through cracks in the ground... ^^
But I love your idea ! It would have given more action and dynamism to the scene !
3 years ago
Oh, I see it now. I guess I've just seen too many action movies
3 years ago
I absolutely love the lighting in this render. How exactly is it done?
3 years ago
Hello paupadros,

Thank you. The lighting rig was extremely simple on this scene.
I first used a HDRI for a soft global lighting combined with a Sun Lamp to strongly mark the light orientation and the main shadows.
I then used a simple trick to simulate the colored light passing through the glasses on the roof by creating some planes with an Emission Material.

A little bit of compositing and color correction and I was done!
2 years ago
What did you do to get that lens distortion effect?
2 years ago
By simply using a Lens Distortion node in the Blender Compositor.
2 years ago
Nice, I love the render. Good job with the lighting!
2 years ago
Thank you, ApocalypticBrick!
2 years ago
You're welcome. Are you using the new Blender yet?
2 years ago
You mean the 2.80 ? Yeah, for almost a year now.
2 years ago
Yeah, the official version just came out. It has been in Beta for a-while...
2 years ago
Whoa! This is awesome!
2 years ago
Thanks, Lego_User! Glad you like it.
by Helo
5 models | 4.5k views
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