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The Bear Armor MK2
Published 2 weeks ago
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So. Here's another remake. Just of an old thing, in a old series. You may know it, as "The Neon Ninja". It was in Series 2 that I used the first prototype of this suit. Now, I changed the color scheme to blac, silver and red. I also just let my hair go loose in this, that way it looks more.......Strong. Sure, strong. Annnnnd....That's it. Peace.

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2 weeks ago
Me: *Sees latest upload on YT was 23 seconds ago*

*sees this*

Me: I'm da first to hear about this
2 weeks ago
Awesome, I saw the yt video, there was actually some kind of glitch on the face. Also, it's sunday where I am, and saturday in the US, not friday anywhere.
2 weeks ago
AWESOME!! smiling face with open mouth
I also saw the YT Vid!! smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes
2 weeks ago
Great job. I have been really busy... But I WILL see the vid.
2 weeks ago
Y'know, I wonder to myself sometimes. "WHERE DOES L_L FIND THESE BACKGROUNDS?!"
2 weeks ago
Thanks AB!! smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes
And CJ, face with tears of joy I actually find them from Google!! smiling face with open mouth and tightly-closed eyes

But, the ultimate question is: WHERE DO YOU FIND YOUR BACKGROUND?! *X-Files Theme Starts Playing*
2 weeks ago
Y'KNOW WHAT!? It's render time. *Cue evil laugh*
2 weeks ago
I did a render. You'll just have to check my profile.
1 week ago
Nice! Haven't seen the vid yet, but I will! smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes Your right that hair does make look strong...er?
1 week ago
Awesome render!
I totally forgot you can do transparent backgrounds! grinning cat face with smiling eyes
1 week ago
Wait? I thought you said you where done with minifigures?
1 week ago
I'm just making some remakes of old minifigs.
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