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6959-1: Lunar Launch Site
Published 1 year ago
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The build is 98% accurate; there are only three parts and one sticker missing. I created two tiny MOC assemblies as substitutes (10-11 extra pieces in the inventory): "[MOC] Part 4746" in the Spyrius Rocket, and "[MOC] Part 2681" (look in the Control Center within the Launch Site group).

The custom print for a 32x32 baseplate #2552 is missing as well; I used plain black instead.


Stickers: https://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/catalogitem.page ?P=6959stk01&

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Lego Space was one of the most striving communities in the mid-nineties, with new "villains" and "heroes" (and at times, even a third, "civilian" faction) frequently introduced, always innovative: distinct color schemes, new original parts, unique design solutions, custom decals, some of the first individualized heads, etc.

Judging on how brief some of the series were, not all were commercially successful for Lego. But the extra effort that went into developing all Space-themed models certainly paid off in brand loyalty and fan appreciation, especially long-term. Decades later, some pretty hardcore and passionate AFOLs are still staging enormous battle scenes between vintage Lego Space factions or building gigantic MOC ships at expos.

This set no. 6959-1 'Lunar Launch Site' came out in August 1994 as part of a new Spyrius subtheme. Representing the third generation of Space villains, Spyrius followed the OG interplanetary "bad guys" from the 80s, Blacktron, and the "Blacktron Future Generation" (1991-'92), a.k.a. "Blacktron II." The theme only lasted for two years, with six models in total (excluding promo items and packaging variations).

Lego catalogs and promo materials suggested that Spyrius excelled in espionage and infiltration. The theme primarily featured giant robots and flying saucers, finished in black and red with dark blue transparent canopies (and neon green accents).

Apparently, it was the first Lego subtheme to introduce robot minifigures. Of course, the magnificent Spyrius Droid! One of my all-time favorite minifigs, personally—I still remember seeing it in real-life for the first time. What an incredible design, how striking and different it was, with this black-and-silver head unlike any other Lego minifig I ever had (way more awesome than a faceless black head underneath the ghost's 'glow-in-the-dark' cloak). With that transparent helmet too, pretty much exclusive to mid-nineties Lego Space. An eight-year-old me was mesmerized...

The 'Lunar Launch Site,' also known as 'Spyrius Station Xenolith 6,' was the second-largest Spyrius set (with ~300 parts and three minifigs). According to Lego's catalog, Spyrius headquarters "controls a network of spies and plots more raids on the Ice Planet"—referring to an "Ice Planet 2002" (1993-'94), a "civilian" subtheme that shared Lego Space with Spyrius and Unitron at the time.

The model is centered around a Launch Site, mounted on a 32x32 baseplate with ramp & pit (one of the smartest uses of this particular baseplate I can remember, by the way). The Launchpad is disguised as a mountain peak when it's fully closed. All moving parts are marked with yellow arrows: a latch holding two parts of the faux "mountain" together, a sliding panel that moves the front wall forwards, and, finally, a rocket's silo cover. The second camouflaged wall swings open on Technic pegs, revealing a Spyrius Rocket.

There's a Control Center with a gigantic quarter-dome glass wall in the corner, accessed through a hinged back wall. The interior is very scarce, with just a safe and a tiny control panel for the ramp's barrier. A rotating Radar Antenna hovers above. There are two small additional vehicles, a Buggy and a flying Pod (around 30 parts each).

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6939: Saucer Centurion (by @IstakaCiti)

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1954-1: Surveillance Scooter (by @Stealet)
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