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Published 1 month ago
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In Midas’s throne room, mid day Tuesday morning Midas sat on his throne when Flin was walking by when he heard a unfriendly, unfamiliar voice.

???: sire, king Harth has requested your presence. He said it’s urgent.

Midas: what is it he wants of me.

???: he says he wants you to meet some people.

Midas: Rakin, ready my boat. I shall leave first thing Thursday morning.

Rakin: but sire, that’s two days from now, king Harth is not a patient man!

Midas: SILENCE!! I will leave first thing Thursday morning. No sooner no later! If king Harth can wait for you to deliver a message he can wait many more days than just two!

Rakin: by the way, king Harth also wants you to keep your journey a secret. You shall not tell anyone, not even Flin.

Midas: I understand, tell king Harth I’ll be there soon.

Rakin: yes king Midas.

Rakin started to walk out the room as he left the room Flin drew his sword to Rakins throat and pulled him out of Midas’s sight.

Flin: Who is king Harth? And who are you!

Rakin: I am rakin, advisor to the king. Who are you?

Flin: you didn’t answer me, who is king Harth! If you don’t answer me I will have you in prison before sundown!

Rakin: king Harth is only the most powerful king in all the ancient and modern kingdoms.

Flin’s thoughts: king Harth died years ago! This “king Harth” can’t be the same man as described in history books? Can he...

Flin struck Rakin on the back of his head and placed him outside the castle, pondering to himself if the ancient enemy of the kingdoms could really be back.

Well that’s chapter 2 for ya! I don’t know if it’s good or not so please tell/comment me what you think!
Chapter 3 might be a while so don’t be surprised if it comes out next week or so.
Some other people might make an appearance in chapter 3 but I but I haven’t decided yet...
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