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the dreaded Sanic attempt
Published 2 months ago
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yes, Sanic. this by no means is Sonic.
I actually tried! then I realized it wouldn't work out.
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2 months ago
I don’t know if I should be scared or mad
2 months ago
His Face is pretty thicc and umm Chin Check
2 months ago
@comicbookguy your request is done
2 months ago
This is actually nice! XD. I mean compared to whoever made "Medusa Sonic" this is nice...
2 months ago
I made a burn Medusa Sonic model
2 months ago
"I actually tried! then I realized it wouldn't work out."-Justyouraveragebuilder, 2021
2 months ago
There is the reality we live in, then there is this
2 months ago
for those who don't know, Sonic the Hedgehog is a game where medium-sized animals save small-sized animals from the clutches of large egg. you play as sonic the hedge hog, a blue alien who runs so fast, his legs become donuts. he learned to run by avoiding the police. this is because he cannot pay his taxes and drops his life savings every time he stubs his toe.
2 months ago
This is actually a good Sonic
One minor improvement is to make the hair less spiky and more droopy
2 months ago
overall, he owes about $340 billion to an ingenius businessman who actually created an army of independantly thinking artificial intelligence robots, each with a different look and personality. he was even rumored to have made time-travel possible! and his talking animal band of so-called "Freedom Fighters" are still at large, and are still destroying valuable equipment to this day.
2 months ago
Dr. Robotnik did once invent a time machine. it was in the days of 2D classic sonic, before he got a third D, which stands for Da loooooooong legs. how did he grow so fast? you may ask, well I have no clue.
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