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FIAT 3D-view May 2018
Published 3 years ago
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An Italian Classic

Together with Gabriele Zannotti aka zanna I've been working on a scale model of a FIAT 500 for almost two years now. I've actually already uploaded several other 3D-views of our car here but this shows the most recent variant.

The model

As it stands right now the model is made of 1216 pieces and has plenty of details and features to offer.
The boot which is located at the front can be opened revealing the fuel tank, the braking fluid cannister, a toolbox and a spare tyre. The bonnet in the back is decorated with several custom decals depicting the various cooling vents as well as the license plate and additional details. It can be opened which allows you to see the detailed 500cc straight twin engine. Furthermore, the doors can be opened and the front seats tilted forward allowing you to access the rear seat bench. On sunny days you can also swap out the closed sun-roof for the opened variant.

Check out the version built out of real bricks on Gabriele's flickr page!

On the occasion of hitting 7.5k supports over on LEGO Ideas we've also put together a short animation dipicting our model's jouney up to now. Check it out in the MB Forum!
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3 years ago
Good luck guys. Your latest video is top notch like usual!
3 years ago
It's really nice to see the evolution of the model since 2016. Beside the chassis, which would certainly have a stronger structure, your already MOC feels like an official set, thanks to the use of clever techniques and some of the newest parts available.

Good luck guys.
3 years ago
Thank you very much @Scrubs! It wouldn't have been possible without Mecabricks.

Thanks @Jeff. We put lots of time into improving the model and we're glad it's beening noticed. The chassis is actually really quite stable now. Comparable to the Creator Expert Mini Cooper.
3 years ago
Hope this could be the first realized Lego Ideas set originally created in Mecabricks
3 years ago
Another Zann-tastic render, as always
great job guys, hope it will make it!
3 years ago
Another amazing rendering. 10K supporters incoming.
3 years ago
Amazing work, as always. A couple hundred more supporters to go. I already feel the taste of 10k..
Go, go, go!
2 years ago
{31-20e3} {30-20e3} {30-20e3} {30-20e3} {30-20e3}
2 years ago
Huge thanks to everyone who supported!
2 years ago
Great job guys! Hoping it gets approved!
2 years ago
So happy for you, guys. Well played.
2 years ago
Congratulations for reaching 10,000 supporters. Very much deserved and I honestly think your project stands a great chance of being selected for production. Good luck!
2 years ago
Congratulations on reaching this amazing goal, you two!
I look forward to the review results, and your 10K interview!
2 years ago
Like Renderbricks, I'm very happy for you two. You did such a great job to promote this project with new thematic models and videos that's you really deserve it. I really hope you'll pass next step and see the official model on shelves.
2 years ago
Today I cleared my desk, I'm ready to build this set.
Congrats again guys, fingers crossed!
2 years ago
@KovJonas Good luck keeping your desk cleaned till next year
2 years ago
Congrats!!! I am so excited that this made it to 10,000! Fingers crossed that this makes it passed the review!!!!
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