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[Original Character] Grenade Man
Published 1 month ago
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So, DC, you think you're so good at creating joke characters, huh?
Well watch this, Imma beat you at your own game!

Introducing Grenade Man, a character I literally thought of and created practically overnight. Basically, he likes to blow stuff up, and he uses a wide variety of grenades, such as Molotov Cocktails, flashbangs, stun grenades, cluster grenades, claymores, as well as grenade launchers, but I'm still working out more details (If you comment some ideas, there's a good chance I'll implement them winking face ). Originally I was going to make him fight Batman in this model, but I thought "What the heck? I made him, so he'll be an enemy of TCM (even though he's still a bad guy, and I'll probably throw him in a few DC themed models just for fun). Tell me what you think/suggestions for him down below!
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1 month ago
Heh. When I saw this I thought "oh it's one of those weird Batman villains" Great job!
1 month ago

JK. Seriously though, this is like 100% DC. I love what he likes, and he seems to be a fitting enemy. XD
1 month ago
Mind opening up editor so I can render?
1 month ago
The ones I open up dont get rendered, but the ones I lock the workshop for, you actually want to render XD
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