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Armageddon Chapter 1
Published 4 months ago
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Gav narrowed his eyes. "What?"

Gav and I were sitting comfortably in my cramped apartment on a little backstreet south of the West Point Laboratory where the Script had recently unleashed its vast destruction. In the time that had transpired between the last major hit, I had been frantically searching my office for a self-destruct code that would end the Script once and for all, but to no avail.

I sighed. "Think about it, bro. You can't just make a decision blindly on a choice this big - you gotta think about what you have on your plate. Preferably Taco Bell, just sayin'."
"I'm still confused. How did we even wonder onto the topic of computer data...?"

Ya see, Gav didn't catch on to my sarcasm like the rest of the gang. He was a logical thinker, like me (of course), but sometimes he just had to diagram every little bit of conversation into the utmost detail.

"Bud. We're not even talking about computers. I'm just wanting to get something to snack on, so are you coming or not?"

A loud knock at the door interrupted Gav as he started to go into a long discussion about something or other (I have no clue what it was), and D_R06 stepped in. No... she literally skipped - no, hopped. Nah... well, whatever the technical term for it was, she flipped into the air with a Jedi-style combat maneuver, then landed on the floor with a slight hiss.

"Cat impression?" I asked, as I recovered from a slight bit of shell-shock.
D_R widened her eyes as she stepped toward me. "Funny man, funny. Uh-huh. Well, got any new book suggestions to fill my week with? Just stopped by the library, and the lady - legit - said I was over my monthly limit! I mean, it's like the utter monotony of another week without books is gonna kill me," she said with a grimace.
"I'm sure you'll make it," I replied with an amused look.
"Um, LW, why did she bring up hide-and-seek? I mean, funny thing and all, but when I was a kid, I could find everybody, but nobody could find me," Gav said.
D_R raised her eyebrows, and there was a slight glint in her eye. "That's 'cause they didn't want to, Gav."
I groaned. "Beat me to it!"
Gav looked at us confusedly, and then dropped his eyes back into the weapons manual that seemed to perpetually be sitting in his lap.
"Well, I've called you all down here to solve a little problem that's been bugging me ever since the whole Script thing happened; I have this feeling deep down inside that there's someone watching me. I don't know, the program seems to have stopped on its own, but that's what worries me, albeit it all seems a bit crazy."
D_R slowly glanced in my direction, then said casually, "I think I know whatcha mean." She smirked sarcastically. "I know! Maybe it's... schizophrenia. Now there's one."
I sighed irratably, but laughed, "Stay on topic, gal. I'm still waiting for a few friends to show up, but sit down while you're here."
Gav jerked his head up, gasping quickly. "However strange this sounds, I just felt a presence."
"What?" I said, widening my eyes. "You must be insane. There are no such things as ghosts," I chuckled nervously.
"Whatever it was, I felt it," he responded, voice shaking.
D_R looked at me, then glanced up at the ceiling fan. "Oh. My. Days. Look," she said, as she pointed upward.
“Oh my goodness.”

The shade of cobalt blue that had been painted on the ceiling a few years back was slowly turning into a dark crimson, staining the walls with streaks of blood-like infusions. The crisp colors seemed to blot out my vision as a dull throbbing hummed through the room and my head felt extremely weak. A huge wave a fiery blue exploded through the roof, and a circular portal replaced the ceiling fan as I felt myself being ripped from the bed. I took a chance and leapt toward the window, but only got yanked up against the ceiling with a hard thunk, and my hands were dragged into the watery blue circle as I saw D_R and Gav slide through as well, screaming bloody murder. Ya, it was an exhilarating time.

Well, as soon as I could get my bearings, I tried looking around but was in pitch blackness, accompanied by frantic screams from my two friends. I quickly made out two dark forms hurdling through the darkness beside me, then one of them abruptly stopped screaming as it slipped a small glowing object into its clothes. I suspected it was some sort of remote, which was the least I could tell, being thrown around in a... well, an endless tunnel; as soon as the screaming stopped, it hurriedly commenced again.

I gasped in surprise as a thought struck me. "How could I be so stupid," I thought. Then the floor hit me.

Thank you so much my burrahobbits for sticking with me over this long awaited chapter! If you didn't see yourself, don't worry, I'm going to be adding more characters, no matter how strange they are

Hope you liked it

God Bless!

Signing off,

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4 months ago
Awesome! That part about the books is me all over
4 months ago
Epic! The writing is spectacular!
4 months ago
Thanks my man!

Thank you! Yeah, I thought I'd put that in

Thank you!

Thank you so much bro! At the end, I was getting a bit tired, so I wasn't really thinking about detail in my writing, but I'm glad you liked it
4 months ago
nice man!also i don't find everyone in huide and seek!and i'm usually the second or third to be found!
4 months ago
Thank you my dude! Actually, that's a joke from Stargate SG-1 that I thought I'd add in there

You're a very logical, intelligent guy, but you overthink everything, but you read instruction manuals all the time.
4 months ago
@LegoWilderness You're welcome! Also, why and how would the floor hit you?
4 months ago
Ah, that's a cliffhanger to be explained in the next chapter
4 months ago
Soooo.... about when is the next chapter? I'm very hyped.
4 months ago
@LegoWilderness Alrighty then
4 months ago
I'm pretty hyped as well since I thought it up as I was going

It might be some time early next month.
4 months ago
I think that that entrance is called the Dio Brando Carriage Jump (with an added flip)
4 months ago
Nice work! Could I be included?
4 months ago
Sure! I'm so excited because of all the feedback I'm getting
4 months ago
Thanks, I've been making world war II vehicles. One even made it onto the front page (The Supermarine Spitfire MK 16E)
4 months ago
Wow... people in the words of... Omrimund, King of Something, "Get ready. It's better than you think."
You did a spectacular job! You put all the nine chapters I've written for my story to shame, with just your one! Of course some of them were rushed but... details details! You did amazing!
4 months ago
That literally made my day! Now I don't know about that... just a strict mom and some good grammar textbooks
4 months ago
@LW That literally made my day to hear I made your day... In the words of Jose Altuve, "I liderally love", making peoples day

Would you be homeschooled?
4 months ago
I honestly think that like 70% of the people on here are homeschooled
4 months ago
I'm not. 10 Proud years of public school
4 months ago
@LegoWilderness I am as well!
Actually, both my parents have written books on the subject.
4 months ago
And One of the characters look like TheSpyderBrick (CJ) from the old corruption.
4 months ago
Woah! Sweet!

I'm sorry, but after KingNerdz, who asked me before you, I cannot take any more roles. I apologize.
2 months ago
this is amazing!!!! schizophrenia is an awesome word btw
(and i'm also VERY late...)
2 months ago
Thanks! Yes, yes indeed

Thanks bro!
2 months ago
Love the build, never really saw the whole thing until now!
2 months ago
That made me laugh harder than I have all day

Thank you man
2 months ago
I just want to know why there is a big red dish under your apartment? I think I might know the reason... but still...

Also, Gav's line about 'feeling a presence' is just hilarious... the night after I read this chapter, I, for a while, wasn't able to calm my nerves and go to sleep because that line kept popping into my head
I don't really know why I find it so funny
I just do
2 months ago
Lines on the rug... for texture I guess xD

Oh wow. I actually influenced someone with my awesome writing skills! Or is it just my warped sense of humor?!? Well then.

It certainly is interesting
2 months ago

Sure thing! I was just (for some unknown reason) looking at this post again and decided to zoom out...
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