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CyberSPACE: Prologue
Published 4 weeks ago
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D_R… I told you I liked to kill off Characters… but would I actually take it this far?

I raced down the hall, over to my computer, and logged in with the new special password. Immediately things went black. During the time of the blackness, I thought about what all had happened. Operator011 had discovered a way too, with the help of the Cyber Ninja, create a system where users could both leave and be pulled back into cyberspace. The Cyber Ninja controlled the system, since they lived in cyberspace after all. We also discovered that, since computers are fast, usually, our time in cyberspace had really only lasted seconds. We could be there for months, and never be missed. It had taken me minutes to convince my siblings that they needed to stay behind during this mission, that I couldn’t take any chances, so there was no telling how long I’d been ‘gone’. Eventually, my vision seemed to clear up, and there I was. Looking around I took notice of the mess, the well, and the original doors that had started it all. One door in particular, a bright green one, made me smile. It was my official door to the, as it was now called, Headquarters of the Mighty Builders. Or, well, that’s what Lego_Lover had insisted we call ourselves. However, a certain other member really thought it should be MrBrick. Other users had their opinions as well, like Mischievous Broccoli, Master Builders, Marxist Bees, and etc. We had all agreed that we needed a name for our group, and that it, in honor of Mecabricks, should have two words. The first would start with ‘M’, and the second with ‘B’, but we hadn’t come to a solid conclusion as to what it should actually be.

“What on earth?” I said while walking over to the door. Two well wrapped gifts lay on the floor, one a light blue and white, the other a slightly darker blue and black. I picked the second one up, and looked at the tag.

From Op, it began.

Missed ya Greenie! Five months is a long time to wait.

“Five months,” I gasped and then ripped the package open, pulling out a new black jacket with green fire around the pockets. “Whoa!” I said in excitement while throwing my old jacket down, and pulling on the new one. It felt nice, and really did resemble myself. Now what was in the next box. Looking down at the tag I read,

From D_R,

Been bored. Everyone has a task to finish except me. Started making these for fun.

I treated her package the same way as I had the other one, and my mouth dropped when I looked at it’s contents.

“No,” I whispered, and then let the box fly over my shoulders as I held the custom lightsaber in all it’s beauty. It was green, and silver, and black, and it even had a cross as the ignite button. “Yeah!” I screamed while pushing the cross down and posing in a fierce Jedi position. Nothing happened. I tried again, but still nothing happened. Turning it around I noticed the little pice of plastic next to the cross. A safety thing. Flicking it off I let a small smile escape. “Here we go,” I whispered just before pressing the switch.

Bzztch! I blinked, and as my vision started to fade away realized my mistake. A bright green beam was now embedded in my chest. I couldn’t have been so stupid! I’d forgotten to turn the thing back around. This was it, I’d die in the internet and no one would ever hear from me again. Things once again went black, and my body fell to the floor.

Coming January 15th!
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4 weeks ago
Look! It's me! The first story I've entered that is actually being written! This sounds so interesting!
4 weeks ago
. Have you read the first story... Captives Through Cyberspace? All the chapters are in my profile.
4 weeks ago
I'll check! Tomorrow, I'll check(You'll figure out why in our PMs)
4 weeks ago
Hmmm, I wonder where you got that nice lightsaber from . . . ?
And no, you would not take it that far. Ok you can do it to yourself, but not to anyone else


Nice chapter!
4 weeks ago
Awesome chapter!!! I can't wait for this story!
4 weeks ago
Awww Mann!
I missed the entry!
I could have used that four bladed lightsaber
I wi- *cuts head off because no-one can wield that flipping saber*
4 weeks ago
you before you could wield it you have to figure out how to hold it so that when you press the button you don't get kylo rened
4 weeks ago
Actually, this contest wasn't open for entries. He chose.
4 weeks ago
"You know it's gonna be a good story when the main character dies before the first chapter."
-KnightofElabor, 2020

(Also, idk why I have them but I LOVE my purple swords!)
4 weeks ago
@D_R Next up... D_R for the kill! JK
. No, things might go a little different.

@GMan2 Thanks bro!

@Chuck Don't worry, you're still in the story. Since it's a continuation I'm keeping all the original characters, and added a few new ones.

@Cole O_O...

@KoE :Laughing: Such an amazing quote! I'm actually getting shivers thinking about this story. Literally, some of the scenes might have y'all up a wall. Like the lightsaber duel I'm planning on writing...
... a bit unexpected... and LW's part O_O... and Servant Pinguin... etc... also, if you haven't noticed... purple is kinda the color for this story
4 weeks ago
can i still make an entry?
4 weeks ago
@Snaptoit Yes, all formers will be in.

@pokerJ Sorry, I already have a ton of characters, and actually wasn't taking entries for this. However, I'm planning on making some kinda thing sorta soon that will take entries
. You can stay tuned for that
4 weeks ago
o, k then
3 weeks ago
I still need to finish the previous chapters (on it), but this is fantastically-cliff-hanger-esque if that's a proper term... who knows

Love how you used the customs Op and D_R made for you as references, btw!
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