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400 Models / My Favorite TV Shows! (@SlimBrick1)
Published 7 months ago
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No renderings uploaded yet
Credit to @SlimBrick1 for the original design from his 1K views model!
(Thanks for letting me use it, man!

THE CHOSEN (Season 1, Episode 6: “I Am He”)

Jesus calls Nicodemus to follow him. But, (unable to let go of his wealth and authority) Nicodemus hides himself and stays behind. *PAIN*

AVATAR: THE LAST AIRBENDER (Book 3: Fire, Episode 20: “Sozin’s Comet, Part 3: Into the Inferno”)

Prince Zuko duels his own sister, Azula in a ritual Agni-Kai.
(You know it’s a good series when an epic battle makes you feel sad.

LOKI (Disney+) [Season 1, Episode 5: “Journey into Mystery”]

Classic Loki creates a giant illusion of Asgard, achieving his Glorious Purpose.
(Natalie Holt’s soundtrack is amazing—“Classic Builds”, anyone?!?)

A SERIES OF UNFORTUNATE EVENTS (Netflix) [Season 2, Episode 8: “The Hostile Hospital: Part Two”]

A rare moment when Count Olaf Dr. Mattathias Medicalschool turns full-on killer, without the jokes and games: he stands over Violet Baudeliare and delivers a terrifying monologue about hunter and prey.
(The Hostile Hospital arc went in some very morbid territory…

STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS (Season 3, Episode 2: “ARC Troopers”)

Clone 99’s heartbreaking death, distracted by the thrill of combat and the chance to be a true soldier.
(The scene was set in red light, so I decided to do the same thing…)

PHINEAS AND FERB (Season 2, Episode 7: “The Chronicles of Meap”and Season 3, Episode 26: “Meapless in Seattle”)

Mitch, Balloony (a.k.a. Collin) and Meap onboard Mitch’s spaceship.
(Easily the best story arc in the series…
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7 months ago
Clone wars is I would rank up with AtLA
7 months ago
I believe you! But I’ve only seen the first 3 seasons, remember…?
7 months ago
ah yes. *PAIN* well hopefully when your older you shall be allowed.
7 months ago
Shoot I didn't notice this it looks AWESOME!
7 months ago
Epic! No problem about the model! Unfortunately I can't view it yet as we have no computer.
7 months ago
Congratulations! Very good shows! (Besides Phineas And Ferb and ASoUE I haven’t seen those.)
7 months ago
I remember back when your pfp was that old painting like it was yesterday
7 months ago
Con grate! Question, are you a TRUE AtLA fan? When did you start watching it?
7 months ago
Slim - Thanks! I’m so glad you like it!
Something happened to your computer? I’m sorry.

But wait…how did you comment on this model? O_O
Ducky - Thanks!
Supes - (I’m gonna start calling you that…
) Thanks! I’d recommend them—they’re great shows!
Oh, yeah… That Prince of Peace painting! *memories*

LM -
I watched it back in 2021, when it came out on NETFLIX. And I just started reading the graphic novels that continue the series.
After that, I’ll probably watch TLoK.
BAB - He was too noble for this timeline…
7 months ago
@Wiz- 1. Ok, so not a fellow Old Timer but a devoted fan.
. 2. D
7 months ago
Still waiting on "Meep Me in St Louis"
7 months ago
dude this is awesome!
(might make one for my favorite movies if it's alright w/ you. . .)
7 months ago
KoA - Thanks!
And sure, I think Mr. F’s okay with that…probably.
7 months ago
*ep hem* he's koE, not KoA, peh, dunm dunm, '_'
7 months ago
Worriz - MEEP!

(The actual) KoA - Whoopsie—force of habit!
7 months ago
The Chosen's my favorite build here!

Looks great, Wiz
7 months ago
Congratulations Wiz, here's to 400 and many more models on here!
7 months ago
O_O Wiz, you’re a celebrity! I didn’t know you liked acting. LOL
7 months ago
Snap - Thanks!!
Seb -
Don’t say that. Don’t say that. YOU’VE CURSED ME!!! *horrifying image of Wiz toiling, struggling to remain creative for decades*

Oh, cool—Jekester is a great animator!
LM - Still waiting on Maraca’s Mecabricks audio drama… O_o
7 months ago
Classic Loki's fate after that is quite unfortunate. Still it does look pretty accurate from what I remember.

And Clone 99's death. Appeared in two episodes and died in the second episode he appeared in. He was acting like a normal clone in that scene despite not being a soldier but is still heartbreaking.

I'm starting to watch avatar season 1 and I'm enjoying it. But I've already been spoiled on both avatar and korra due to me watching videos about it. Not fully spoiled about the series. I didn't know about the events involving Jet in season 1. Which I'm pretty sure appeared again in the season 2 finale. But still. He still shouldn't have done the things he did in that episode.
But still I am spoiled on it so yeah.
(I probably shouldn't have written such a long comment but I seem to do so occasionally.
x 2)
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