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Project D_R - Ch.3: Wait, what’s a Chupacabra?
Published 1 week ago
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Between time zones, Somewhere really high in the sky.

Everyone was in the center aisle, crowding behind Operator and his laptop.
“Okay, we're going to split up into three teams. Team one will check this out.” He pointed to one of the circled areas on the map. “I suspect that this might be her house or something.”
“Why do you think that?” Snap asked.
“Because it’s near this town,” Operator replied.
He continued. “Team two will check out this one,” he pointed to the other circled area. “It’s right off the coast.”
Hammer butted in, “I looked up pictures of it, it’s nothing but a cliff.”
“But she circled it so it has to have some significance,” Greenflame said.
Operator went back to explaining the plan. “Team three will stay with the jet-”
“The Zilla,” Chuck corrected.
“The Zilla,” Operator went on with an annoyed tone, “and act as the, well, operator of the mission.”
He took a deep breath. “Alright, any questions?”
LW spoke first, “Who’s gonna be on what team?”
Operator thought for a second. “Okay, Snap, LW, Python, and Guritarman will be on team one. Pyro, Greenflame, Hammer, Knight, and MrBrick will be on team two. Chuck and I are on team three. How does that sound?”
Nobody objected.
“What exactly do you think we're up against?” MrBrick asked. His question was met with uncomfortable silence. Nobody had an answer.
Suddenly Knight spoke up. “I have a theory.” Everyone looked at him. “There’s this underground group called “The Chupacabras”. They're run by this insane rich guy who’s an extreme conspiracist. So far, he and his “guards” have found a living Loch Ness Monster, a time machine from 1895, and even an alien.”
Everyone started talking at once.
“They found an alien?” Python said.
“Wait, what’s a Chupacabra?” Pyro inquired.
“Why would they mess with Dragon?” Greenflame asked.
“I don’t know, but they are based in Australia,” Knight replied.
“Why have we never heard of any of this before?” Guritarman asked.
“Because they're completely off the grid.” Knight answered, “As far as everyone is concerned, they don’t exist.”
Hammer narrowed his eyes. “Then how do you know about them, Knight?”
“That’s not important,” he replied, “The point is, these guys are dangerous. They’ve stolen, trespassed, kidnapped, and even murdered. They also have limitless funds. If The Chupacabras are involved with this, we're in big trouble.” He looked up. “Which means Dragon is in even bigger trouble.”
Operator ran his hands through his hair.
Guitarman spoke up, “Wait, you said they have a base in Australia right? What if a team broke into it?”
“I dunno…” Knight said.
“That’s a good idea,” MrBrick interjected, “They could be keeping Dragon there.”
Hammer chimed in. “And we could videotape it or something so we can expose them.” He looked over at Knight and added, "If they exist."
“Okay, Guitarman, MrBrick and Hammer are team four.” Operator said.
“Sounds good,” Snap said.
“But we still don’t know why they kidnapped Dragon,” said LW.
“Or IF they kidnapped her,” Pyro added.
“Guess we’ll find out,” Chuck replied.

So what did ya think? Sorry it's a bit late, my life's kinda crazy right now.
Also, the characters are in the jet, but I just didn't feel like building the interior.

Anyway, thanks for your time!

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1 week ago
Ayyyyy this is awesome!
1 week ago
1 week ago
Thought you mispelled Chupacabra... searched it up and found something worse...
1 week ago
Oops I misspelled misspelled
1 week ago
Okay, I won't spam anymore. My complete thoughts:
This plotting was great for something that took this long (or short). However, there were elements that confused me. Confusions:
"They don't exist" Um, what
“There’s this underground group called “The Chupacabras”. They're run by this insane rich guy who’s an extreme conspiracist. So far, he and his “guards” have found a living Loch Ness Monster, a time machine from 1895, and even an alien.” Interesting, but it threw me off
1 week ago
1) For some reason I can't find "They don't exist" (they do exist btw, it must be a typo)

2) Yeah, I agree, that isn't the best part but I needed to give some background
1 week ago
@Cake, OH WAIT I SEE! What he's saying is that nobody else knows they exist.
1 week ago
Awesome!!!!!!! I'm loving it so far!
1 week ago
Oh, so KoE knows who they are.......
Which means...... He's run into them before.......
1 week ago
Oh, the possible plot twists!!!!!!
1 week ago
Ok, I have not read it yet... but already have to comment
"Between time zones, Somewhere really high in the sky." That is so great!
1 week ago
That was so stink'n great, literally, that was awesome! And just for kicks, just because I felt like being crazy, did I ever tell y'all about the worst crime the Chupacabra ever did? Well, here we go... so, it was in Sydney, and a baby was eating candy. Suddenly, the Chup appeared and stole the candy from the baby
!!! The baby instantly began to wail, but upon the rooftops was... INVISIBLE Man! The sight of this fellow was enough to make anyone shiver in their boots, especially old boots, and he was soon upon the Chup. Sadly, they grabbed INVISIBLE Man, ripped his cape, tied him to a pole, stuck goggly eyes on him, and then ran away with the candy. Poor baby... *sniff*,
1 week ago
Great chapter! BTW, I am one of those people who hates other folks looking over his shoulder at his computer screen, but I don't think I'd mind if I was showing a battle plan. Also, *YAY,* I'm an Operator!!!! And yes, oh . . . the possible plot-twists with Knight and Chupacabra. xD
1 week ago
@O011 Yeah, I agree with you there... people looking over my shoulder and at my screen is just annoying... especially if they are breathing down my neck! *shivers*...
1 week ago
@GFlame, Thx!

Also, this is the second Project D_R spinoff/fan-fic I've read and I've only released 3 chapters!

(The other one was made by Cakery https://www.mecabricks.com/en/models/eDa5gnb3jzg)

@Op, Thanks! Yeah, it seemed like a fitting role
Also, it's good you're okay with it, cuz that's 10 people looking over your shoulder! (Not that myself, MrB, LW and Gman2 can see the screen from where we're standing, but that's not the point
1 week ago
1 week ago
You're welcome.

I am laughing... I don't know why... but I just like making you laugh
1 week ago
Ah, according to this model, the center aisle of the plane is very wide. Also, do I need to refill Hammy's perpetually full cup of tea?

Wonderful story, bro! Can't wait to see what happens next
1 week ago
Snap, Python, and me... that's a pretty cool team

You also changed GM2 from team one to team four

The only two errors I found are when you spelled "Guitarman" as "Guritarman", twice, and when you put double apostrophes in quotations. E.g. “There’s this underground group called “The Chupacabras”...

Okay, so never put "The Chupacabras", or any other subject in double apostrophes if someone is speaking. Always write 'The Chupacabras'.

Sorry if that was a little confusing, doing algebra right now, and I haven't had my Pop-Tart and coffee yet xD
1 week ago
(I'm cool with team 4 though. HAMMER and MB are fun.)
1 week ago
Chuck wouldn't be my first choice for a teammate (no offense, Chuck), but in context it makes sense, and I don't really see how I can complain, as I'm the mission Operator. xD

Out of danger, but still an extremely important role with a lot of pressure.
1 week ago
@LW, Thanks! (I also find it funny that I accidently spelled Gman2's name wrong and you noticed but not him


I'lllllLLLlLllL take that as a COMPLEMENT...
1 week ago
Very cool.

"Please stop breathing on me guys!"


"Snap! Stop playing with my hoodie."

5 days ago
Wow I can't believe I forgot to comment on this

Great work again SirElabor! This is getting really good . . .
5 days ago
Just wondering . . . when's my part? Jk no rush
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