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The Obsidian Ninja: Chapter 2: Talk of the Truth
Published 11 months ago
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Quick Recap:
After a band performance, j2fam77 talks with his friends, GavGeist, BYiC, lich_bricks, and McM about a secret ninja force. j2 isn't sure about what they're saying..

That night, j2 left for home, when suddenly, he was attacked by several enemies. The fight lasted for about 5 minutes, but just when they were to land the final blow on j2fam, he accidentally blasted a powerful energy surge that blew everyone away. After regaining his strength, j2fam cautiously headed home. Little did he know, 4 shadowy figures were witnessing the fight from the distance. And they ACTUALLY STRUCK at j2, leaving him confused, so they immediately tied him up and took him into an old looking truck with.. no blinkers. And something j2 had no idea at the time: apparently the ninjas.. were his friends!!...


Gav_Geisttron650: The Forbidden Ninja (at the wheel)

MOCmaster: The Poison Ninja (the green one)

BabyYodaisCute: The Pikmin Ninja (to the right ride of the car)

lich_bricks: The Undead Ninja (on top)

And lastly, j2fam77: The Obsidian Ninja (the tied up one)


Gav_Geist: Hey, you got the gag?

MOCmaster: Uh.. yeah! I also have sleeping gas if you were ok with that..

Gav_Geist: Dude I told you, we don't need it unless j2 goes ballistic, which is normal, so you can use it, I guess.

j2fam: What's the big idea?! Uuungh, how do you creeps know my name?!?!.. (continued screams of asylum-worthy insanity)

Gav_Geist: Ok the gag won't work so uh.. fire the sleep gas, I suppose.

j2fam: WHAT THE-

So he fell asleep.

BYiC: Ooh, got 'im hard..

lich_bricks: Hey guys, the coppers are on their way, I think we should drive.

Gav_Geist: Ugh, carp. I'm so torn right now..

MOCmaster: You don't think j2 will be mad or anything once he wakes up, right?

Gav_Geist: Pffft, not a chance! We'll be home by then.

BYiC: I can see the manhole!!

Gav_Geist: Alright then..

Cop 1: They're gettin' away!

Cop 2: C'mon now Gary, it's a speed limit, nobody's gotta know!

lich_bricks: Dang, those cops be stupid.

Alright, we're here!..
|To be continued...>

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11 months ago
Hey dude! thanks for using me!
11 months ago
nice!thanks for using me!
11 months ago
Thanks for letting me be a part of it!

Good job! Keep it up!
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