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My story during the Corruption Episode 3: Reunited and Evil Comes!
Published 2 years ago
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Here’s the 3rd and last episode of My story during the Corruption and this episode takes place during Chapters 7-9.

(Chapter 7)

Reece (TheNinjaBrick): Woah! That’s a lot of villains! They are possibly waiting for the portal to reopen so they can meet the evil leader of the place that people go by going inside the portal.

TheRealChonkey: There’s no time to waste! Reece turn into Super Reece.

Reece (TheNinjaBrick): Turns to Super Reece.

Super Reece: I’m here to save the day from the villains.

TheRealChonkey: We can save the day if we stick together.

Super Reece: I’m going to call CJ first. *calls CJ*

Super Reece *calls CJ*

Super Reece: Hi CJ.

CJ (TheSpyderBrick): Hello.

Super Reece: How is it going?

CJ (TheSpyderBrick): Not good I’m afraid and I’m in danger and MrBrick must save me before this man does something bad to me.

Super Reece: It’s not good here cause there’s a lot of villains and they want to open the portal.

CJ (TheSpyderBrick): From this world to Earth?

Super Reece: Yes.

CJ (TheSpyderBrick): I have to end the call now.

Super Reece: Bye.

CJ: *Ends call with Reece*

Super Reece: Let’s fight these villains to show who’s the boss.


Super Reece: Some villains are down there’s only a few left to fight.

TheRealChonkey: This should be easy!

Zack: Not so fast cause I’m going to capture you 2 to open the portal.

Super Reece: Who the heck are you?

TheRealChonkey: Show yourself!

Zack: Fight them!

Super Reece: My phone can track him.

Reece’s Phone: Person Name: Zack Facts: Zack was the first person to enter the portal into a dangerous world that opens only once a decade on the 31st August and the first time the portal opened was in 1940 and he entered and escaped a decade later making him the longest in the dangerous world entered by the portal but he turned evil.

TheRealChonkey: Zack used to be good and he was the first person to enter the portal into a dangerous world the same world that CJ and the others are stuck in. and it opens only once a decade on the 31st August and the first time the portal opened was in 1940.

Super Reece: 1940 was 80 years ago.

TheRealChonkey: We have no time to waste.

Super Reece: I will fight you! Evil!

(Chapter 9)

Super Reece: Got you!

TheRealChonkey: Got you!

Zack: You defeated my minions but you cannot defeat me!

TheRealChonkey: We will stop you as a team!

Zack: Even your team can’t stop me.

Super Reece: As a strong team even with only 2 people we can win!

TheRealChonkey: We can stop you Zack.

Super Reece: I got a call.

Super Reece: *starts call with CJ*

Super Reece: Hello, CJ.

CJ (TheSpyderBrick): The portal opened and we have to get out of here but I have to sacrifice myself for the others to come back to the real world.

Super Reece: We will miss you CJ.

CJ (TheSpyderBrick): You can still see me as a ghost helping you sometimes by me saying stuff. Bye.

Super Reece: *ends call with CJ*

Zack: Ha! Thought you couldn’t stop me well think again I’m bigger now.

Super Reece: You think bigger is better I can do that too with my mech.

MOCmaster: We’re back but evil is destroying the real world cause they escaped and Reece is fighting that evil villain from the world we entered and he escaped 70 years ago.

j2fam77: Let’s help Reece and TheRealChonkey and I know the person who escaped 70 years ago his name is Zack.

Zack: Who are the heck are you?

j2fam77: We are here to defeat you! Zack!

MOCmaster: I got a bomb to defeat you Zack Reece and TheRealChonkey come to us.

Super Reece and TheRealChonkey: We missed you all!

*one minute later*

Zack: Oh no!

Super Reece: *turns to Reece*

Reece (TheNinjaBrick): We defeated him.

Zack: I’m sorry for what I done to attack you and you win.

j2fam77: Why did you turn evil?

Zack: In 1940 I was the first person who entered the portal into a dangerous world and a decade later I finally escaped but I turned evil.

All of the heroes: You can join us!

Zack: Ok!

j2fam77: But evil escaped the portal and we had to sacrifice CJ to come back to the real world and you can help us stop them.

Zack: We have to stop that evil.

To be continued in Corruption: Part 2 coming in the future.

In Memory of TheSpyderBrick and TG.
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2 years ago
Your grammar has increased since last we met.
2 years ago
I think you mean vocabulary
2 years ago
There’s a difference?
2 years ago
Sorry I’m a pinhead.
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