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The Lego Batman Movie Wayne Manor
Published 3 weeks ago
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Experience the true Lego thrill in The Batman's home sweet home. Wayne Manor includes several fun rooms and three classic characters; Bruce Wayne, Richard "Dick" Grayson, and Alfred Pennyworth.

*Note: This was a modification of the official lego set "Joker Manor"*
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2 weeks ago
@planty, I don't think it's plagiarism because they're both modifications of an existing set (Joker Manor)
2 weeks ago
@Mystifier It's not 100% plagiarism (as it isn't a direct copy), but it is also not original since technically the person used someone else's model without crediting/saying that it wasn't entirely theirs, which can be seen as saying that it's your own, plus the model got featured. Although, it seems like people don't care as much.
2 weeks ago
With all the comments about plagiarism, who cares? They don't gain anything out of this. No academic prowess, no money, they altered something and shared it. Also who cares?? This isn't Middle School
2 weeks ago
It isn't, but I'm saying to "at least" credit the person who made most of it, you don't gain really anything from it, but it also doesn't allow you to just take anything and claim it as your own. Like if someone took my models and just tweaked one thing (A minor modification), and reuploaded it, even though they don't gain anything, I'd still complain because I put effort into that just for someone to reupload and gain more attraction from it even though I put effort into that.
2 weeks ago
Thanks for all the concern, but I simply modified the Joker Manor set for a more casual use.
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