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100th model Tree Contest
Published 3 months ago
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ATTENTION! AND BEHOLD, this contest is sponsored by Fireblade_Studios! (room 28 on the left)
If you want to have a spot in the 100th model I expect you to PAY ME YOUR ATTENTION! GIVE ME THE PRECIOUS

Technically all you have to do here is build a realistic tree (14 bricks or higher) try to make it look as cool/realistic as you can. feel free to put rocks, signs all the fun stuff. But to give you the gist of what I want, build it like you're trying to get the model featured

A few things I'll be looking for in the model is as follows:

- tree likeness

- building techniques

- over all coolness

- existence of roots

- the occasional nice boulder

(fyi the only place you can put clipping is if put swords stabbed into the roots or around the tree. and if you want you can maybe put some banners or something... go for it. Oh- if you do put banners in make sure they're dark green


there will be 3 winners, the winners will receive a spot in my 100th model. THERE WILL ONLY BE 28 SPOTS AVAILABLE
there will be more news on that later on in the contests.

and LASTLY...
Have fun!

I am interested to see what y'all come up with!
FRIENDLY REMINDER, I have only 1 model left then I need to make my 100th kk? so Give- Me- The- Tree!!! this will be used in the 100th model
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3 months ago
Oh, bother, I'm horrible at building trees . . . Still, I'll give it a go!
3 months ago

Also, @Everybody, the tree's can be slightly taller or shorter just make sure it's an approximately 14 bricks high
3 months ago
3 months ago
lets go I love making trees
3 months ago
I will try, I did try to make a tree once and failed badly.
2 months ago
@KoA, seems as if you're going to win...
2 months ago
hm. . .you must be wrong 0_0
2 months ago
*slams table* IS THIS STILL OPEN!! If so, I'm sooooo entering!!

Also, "build it like you're trying to get the model featured
1 month ago
I'll see what I can do.
Trees sure are very interesting organisms!
1 month ago
That they are my dear friend, that they are
6 days ago
made a render so that more people see this!
6 days ago
When are you building it anyways?
6 days ago
Whoops, wrong model... *Facepalm times ten to the twohundredth power*
6 days ago
@KoA, My golly goodness! and I thought my previous one would las a little longer
well, seems as if I shall update it again!! honestly though, this is superb I love the lighting you put in

@Leatho, WELL my chap I'm working on it. so far I've lied to my self saying that I'm nearly done. However I think that I'm close to having a rough outline of it
so it's nearly ready. *reads your second comment* oh... well... forget that.
6 days ago
why thank you!
I always think the same thing, "hm, I'll make this one last for a few months" two weeks later "I mean, no harm done right?"

also, I now feel like your Local PFP service
4 days ago
Oof totally forgot about this… I shall get to work soon.
4 days ago
@KoA, I agree
I love it thank you so much for these

@Supadupadogthefirst, Gracias!
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