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The Antarctic Apocalypse Story Chapter 4 Part 2
Published 2 months ago
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Hey everyone! So first I just want to say that I'm sorry for being inactive on this, because so many of you all liked it, and it has become very Popular, even for how short it's been so far. But, thank you all for the high support so far, and I hope you like this one too!
This one's Title is 'Telling The Dream'! So I hope you like it, and here it is!

Everyone stood around in the Hut either staring at me, or murmuring to each other of telling the Story of what was going on and the scream, which I still was a little embarrassed of.

Chris: "L_L, it's okay, calm down and tell us," he said in a soft Voice.
Me: "Okay, here's what I saw: Victor standing with at least 20 Battle Droids, and he said; 'Surrender now or I will open fire on all of your Huts.' But in the Dream, I was the only one there, as if everyone was still asleep. 'You have 30 Seconds remaining to make a choice, but otherwise I will make it Myself.' But I didn't know what to think, because if everyone was still asleep, then I couldn't go in and wake them all up and see what they think. And if I surrender then you all might think I'm gone. So, I stammered. And in what seamed less than 30 Second, he started firing! I heard echoing shrieks and screams, as I felt getting dizzy. And my Eyesight was blurry, and I fell over and became unconscious. then in the Dream, next time I woke up, Victor was torturing me, in some way, that I can't interpret. And then I woke up. And then many thoughts raced my mind thinking if the Dream was a coincidence or if it was telling something in the Future, or what would have happened--" as I was cut off
Chris: "Okay, thank you for telling us. even if we all don't know what it might mean," said Chris in a calm Voice.
Some others in the Hut were astonished at the Story, and were gasping.

CJ: "L_L, how many Droids do you think there were?" Asked CJ.
Me: "Oh, I don't know, 20-30, at least," I replied.
CJ: "Well, did you ever think it might mean something if it resembles something in the future?" Asked CJ promptly.
Me: "No," I answered.
As CJ said "Hmm."

AB: "Then we'll just hope for the best."

To be continued.

Alright guys! That was it! I plan on this being the end of the Chapter, so I guess I'll see you next time in Chapter 5!

My Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfN7a9gdJD_0W9k9iQpqPdg

My Flickr Account: https://www.flickr.com/photos/184766695@N03

Have a God Blessed Day!

~The Antarctic Apocalypse Story Hosted by Lego_Lover~
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2 months ago
Great job, you are getting good at makin these...
2 months ago
About time you made another!
Very well written!
2 months ago
Do I get to be in the next one? I promise I won't make any more chapters!
2 months ago
Thank you everybody for the Support!

@LegoCommanderBacara; If you want to join the Group (https://mecabricks.com/en/models/0Qa3y6qWjMo) then you need to make Yourself in the Story.

Although, I can never really promise someone they'll play a huge part in the Story, or, be in the next Chapter, or anything like that.
But if you make Yourself for the Story (if you want you can try to make it look like you're bundled up for Winter
) then I'll gladly put you in the Group post, and whenever in the Story there'll be a big post.
2 months ago
Can I join in on the fun?
1 month ago
Hey, you haven't seen any of my stuff yet since my last accidental plagiarism of the Antarctic Apocalypse, which, in shame, I deleted them. I am sorry if I hurt you, but, are you ok now?
1 month ago
I feel like updating my Antarctic Apocalypse costume...If that's ok. I might also update the Arctic Armor. (That's still gonna be in the story, right?)
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