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Lloyd's Energy Buster MOC
Published 1 year ago
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Here's another vehicle! This is Lloyd's Energy Buster, Or a buggy. or whatever you want to call it. I didn't put a clip for Lloyd's sword, And I tried to, Just couldn't find a good area. I also put sand green stripes on the side. I also used some of the Green Ninjago Mech Dragon pieces. Have a great day!
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1 year ago
All your ninjago builds are better then the sets.
1 year ago
Yeah. I would much prefer this over some of the sets.
1 year ago
Yes seriously at least for most of the sets
1 year ago
Also cool render masterbricks
1 year ago
Well, I'm currently working on ANOTEHR NINJAGO vehicle!
1 year ago
It's published! Go check it out if you want!
1 year ago
I don't know.... It keeps deleting some of my renders too.... Huh.....
1 year ago
I think it's because of spam or something...
1 year ago
@Samino please read this post in the forum regarding fair play: https://www.mecabricks.com/en/forum/topic/1470

If your PBR Shader product that you sell on blendermarket.com doesn't include any assets, shaders or node groups found in my materials.blend file - which would infringe the Mecabricks general license - it is legally acceptable. However I believe that it is not fair to the Mecabricks platform to promote products here that are direct competitors to what I am supplying.

I have already invested 8 years of my life in this project, time and funds. If we want Mecabricks to continue to exist as it is and provide free tools to everybody, we shall ensure that we all play fair.
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