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Me, as a Jedi Knight
Published 11 months ago
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I belonged to a very rich but kind couple, who owned me as a service bot. What they really enjoyed about me was that they could ask me about questions, like where things are or or what exact time guests would come, stuff like that.
They liked me so much that they contacted my creator, and complimented him on how great I was.
It was then that they found out I was never programmed to have this type of knowledge.
Soon they found out I had a connection with the Force, and that the answer to my mysterious knowings. They sent me to Padawan school, where I would become one with the force and train to be a Jedi. When Order 66 was issued I disguised myself as a Clonetrooper, but was not able to save any of my fellow Padawans. After that, I went into hiding and meditated with the Force for years, before coming back as a Jedi.

You may be thinking, "A robot using the Force!?!" but I can use the Force if a robot can have ice powers.
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11 months ago
Awesome! I've inspired so many people!
11 months ago
Thanks! That's my hair in real life (Well, it's normally brown)
11 months ago
Yup. You should make one. And a Sith.
11 months ago
I might just do that...
11 months ago
I am currently making a collection of all of our Mecabricks Sith Lords, so if you want to join in, you can make one and I'll add you.
11 months ago
We only have like four so far.
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