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Chapter 3
Published 6 months ago
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Okay... just as a side note... this is not the real Tristan Cole. He's only in Mecabricks because I've made a model of him
... if that makes sense

“If I see one more of me I’m going to literally electrocute every single telephone poll in the city!” Jay Walker screened as Kai and him walked down the sidewalk.

“Jay calm down, it doesn’t matter how many are created, the fact can’t be changed that you and I are the real ninja, we were made first.”

“Yeah, but that fact doesn’t make things any less confusing…”

“I know, but let’s stay focused and finished stopping Chen from fulfilling his getaway.”

Suddenly both ninja stopped in their tracks, a knight stood before them.

“Um, sorry pal but we’re really busy. Mind letting us on our way?”

“No, I can’t.”

“Listen pal, I don’t know who you are but— wait, are your swords purple?” Jay asked pointing towards the glowing blades strapped to the figures back.

“Yes, but that’s beside the point. Y’all need to come with me.”

“Um, sorry, but we have a world to save, so you might as well,” Kai stepped forward but was stopped as the figure placed a hand on his chest.

“Okay Mr. Persistent,” Jay said, pulling out his numb chucks. “I really don’t want to do this but—”

“I already stopped both Master Chens, they were arguing, now, if you really want to save the world come with me.

With these words the knight turned and ducked into a nearby alley, both ninja standing on the sidewalk in uncertainty.

“Two Master Chens?” Kai asked in horror.

“Told you having more than one of us would be bad, now, I’ve suddenly had a change in mind and feel like we should follow this fellow. Are ya com’n?”

Kai stood still for a moment, looking at Jay with a mixed expression.

“Fine,” he finally said. “But if anything fishy occurs I’m blaming you.”

An hour later, both the ninja were seated in some underground bunker, along with a few strangers. The mysterious knight, who hand introduced himself as KnightofElabor, was standing before them.

“I want to thank you all for deciding to help me, the situation is very grave.”

“No problem,” an overly cool looking character said. He was short, with shaggy hair and sunglasses, along with way too many headphones. To his right was seated another ninja, with brown hair held up by a golden band, his arms were bare and a green mask covered half his face. On his left sat a purple eyed innocent looking fellow with dark hair.

“Anyways, I should probably have y’all introduce yourself. Each of you stand and give some facts.

“Well,” the purpled eyed figure started with a stand. “I’m J2fam, but you can just call me J2.”

“Anything else we should know about you?” KoE asked.

“No, the next guy can speak.”

Next the bare armed ninja stood.

“I’m Tristan Cole,” he said with a nod. “I’m a crime busting ninja, usually found on the streets.”

“Thank you, now let’s have our next guest speak.”

“I’m Random dude,” the cool fellow said, not bothering to stand up. “I’m a collector of headphones and am the only person who can telepathically speak with Greenflame24, though, he doesn’t know it. Actually, I didn’t know it until recently. I started reading his mind and controlling some of his thoughts, because for some reason his brain is weak. It’s quite fun to be honest.”

“Yes,” KoE said with a roll of his eyes, though nobody could notice through his visor. “You can brag about your special link with Greenie later. For now we will have the next two companions speak.”

“Okay, so I’m Kai, and this is Jay.”

“Heya!” Jay said over dramatically.

“I’m the elemental master of fire.”

“And I have the power of lightning!”

“Very good, so now that all this is taken care of I’ll bring up the matter at hand. Currently, users from the real world, the creators of everything you see, are virtually here in Mecabricks. J2 and I our user ourselves,” KoE said with a nod towards J2; he would have continued if not interrupted by Jay.

“Are you kidding me! You mean I’m interacting with a real user! This is unbelievably insane, I feel like I just met Frits Donagon!”

“Jay calm down,” Kai said with a gesture, but Jay hadn’t had enough yet.

“Calm down! I’m talking with a guy who has created some much and—”

“Please Jay, time is important,” KoE asked.

“Oh, yes, sorry about that sir.”

“It’s just KoE, and thank you. Anyways, as of right now a user known as Lego_Paradox is working on creating a space vortex, one which will allow him to transmit creations of Mecabricks into the real world, to full scale, and power. Ultimately, if he does this, he will become the most powerful person to ever bring havoc upon planet earth. However, he knows there are some who can stop him, the users. They, if he does create the vortex, will also be able to transmit their own creations into earth.”

“So we aren’t real!” Jay screened with horror.

“Um, well,” KoE tried to think, but was caught off guard.

“This is horrible! And I felt bad for the people in Prime Empire, but no, it’s worse for them now. Not only are they just stuck in a game, but a game inside a digital realm!”

“Okay please,” KoE said with a raise of his hands. “To be honest you are even the real Jay. The real Jay is just a character form a story. The only reason you exist is become someone created you on here, now I know I’ve just wrecked all your hopes and dreams—”

“Wrecked them!” Jay cut in quickly, “This is all fine and dandy for you to say, but you’re not the one going through all this emotional trauma! Kai, what’s going on!”

“Bro,” Kai started. “You’ve known that all your life”

Jay started to say something, but was cut off by Random dude.

“Yeah, believe me, it’s not that bad. I’m a computer virus, you’re a digital block; let’s just hear what the knight wants and help him solve the issue.”

“Okay,” KoE began once more. “As I was saying, Lord Phantom pretty much has the ability to make himself all powerful, and needs to capture all the other users who have been pulled into the digital realm. If he can stop them, nothing can stop him. Make sense?” Everyone nodded their heads in agreement. “Good, now the reason I think you will help me is this; if he becomes all powerful, he will destroy Mecabricks.”

“What!” Jay started again, but was silenced by Tristan’s hand covering his mouth.

“Thanks man,” KoE said with a wink. “Yes, he will destroy the place where he achieved his power, probably. I mean, it makes sense right? Why would he leave a website like this for someone else to possibly access. He could just lock it down, but that has its own risks. He will probably make all of the machines and devices he want’s, leave the realm, take over the world, and then destroy the site. If y’all want to live, I’d suggest you help stop him.”

A slight coughing sound, more like the clearing of someone’s throat, came from the direction of Random dude, who had for some reason walked to the back of the room.

“You’re forgetting one thing,” he said casually. “I’m a computer virus, I can just leave the site.”

“Yes, but I personally know enough info the understand that you are rather fond of your LEGO form,” KoE retorted with a smirk, leaving Random dude scowling.

“I didn’t say I wasn’t going to help, I was just stating a—”

“More like bragging,” Kai interrupted with a mumble.

“Well let’s just forget the entire issue. Are we in this together or not?”

Goodbye, God bless, Greenflame24!
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6 months ago
I was incredibly confused until Sir Elabor showed up.
Great work again!
6 months ago
@Dragon, Yes. All you MB users were incredibly confused and lonely until I showed up

(JK JK! If anything, it was the other way around

@GFlame, Nice!!! Once again, you managed to craft an entertaining and humorous work, that's also deep and very well balanced

(also, thx for adding me
6 months ago
Thank you. I know... that is a different beginning...

@KoE'sResponcetoD_R06'scomment O_o...

@KoEHimself Thank you
, and no problem... you shouldn't have to thank me... I'm thanking you for letting me use your awesome character
6 months ago
"Anyways, as of right now a user known as Lego_Paradox is working on creating a space vortex, one which will allow him to transmit creations of Mecabricks into the real world, to full scale, and power. Ultimately, if he does this, he will become the most powerful person to ever bring havoc upon planet earth."
6 months ago
I have a suggestion, being the elemental master of intuition. you say Lord Phantom/Lego_Paradox is a user? ask scrubs to delete his account.
6 months ago

@Chuck Thanks!

@Justy Answer is on the other post
6 months ago
Who is Tristan Cole?
6 months ago
@Ninjacatz Tristan Cole is a character from one of my Mecabricks stories... since I've made him in minifigure form... he is in the Mecabricks world...

@Chuck THANK YOU!!!

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