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Thunderbirds are Go! (Customs)
Published 1 month ago
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5 . . . 4 . . . 3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . . THUNDERBIRDS ARE GO!

[Insert epic Thunderbirds Theme]

From their hidden island base in the South Pacific, the five Tracy brothers pilot remarkable, cutting-edge Thunderbird vehicles, with one purpose in mind: to help others in need and battle the dangers of the year 2060.
Their organisation, International Rescue, was started by their father, astronaut Jeff Tracy after he lost his wife due to poor rescue services. He thus retired to his private island, commissioned his friend Brains to construct the Thunderbirds, trained up his sons to pilot, and began International Rescue. However, Jeff Tracy was killed due to the greedy ambition of the international criminal known as the Hood.
And so the eldest son Scott took over the mantle of IR leader and with the help of his brothers and select IR agents, continues the legacy his father left.

(From left to right.)

Name: Scott Tracy
Occupation: International Rescue Leader, First Responder to emergencies
Vehicle: Thunderbird 1, a high-speed plane that can reach anywhere in the world in under an hour. First response vehicle.
Other: Eldest son. Thinks on his feet, can become reckless and impatient.

Name: Virgil Tracy
Occupation: Second Responder, heavy equipment specialist.
Vehicle: Thunderbird 2, called in when the situation requires more than what TB1 can handle. Thunderbird 2 has a pod section it can swap out for different equipment.
Bio: Third son, fond of painting and piano. Level-headed to counterpart his brother.

Name: Alan Tracy
Occupation: Astronaut, space responder.
Vehicle: Thunderbird 3. A gigantic red rocket with speeds beyond conventional spacecraft.
Bio: Youngest son, teenager. Fond of games and sleep and Halley's Comet. Would rather be out on missions than finishing his schooling. Superbe reflexes.

Name: Gordon Tracy
Occupation: Aquanaut, water responder.
Vehicle: Thunderbird 4. A highly advanced submersible used for water rescues. Usually travels in a TB2 pod but can launch from Tracy Island.
Bio: Fourth son. Fond of silly jokes and always tries to make his serious brother Virgil laugh.

Name: John Tracy
Occupation: Space Monitor and Mission coordinator.
Vehicle: Thunderbird 5, a space station that orbits the earth picking up distress signals and transmitting them back to Tracy Island. Spins for artificial gravity and can dock Thunderbird 3. Occasionally used for rescues.
Bio: Quite and introverted - comes from living in space - but has a friend in the AI he created, EOS.

Other International Rescue members:

Kayo: Covert Ops. Daughter of Jeff Tracy's best friend and adopted by him.
Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward: London Agent and good friend to Jeff Tracy.
Parker: Lady Penelope's butler.
Grandma Tracy: Jeff's mother. Looks after the Tracy boys.
Brains: Scientist for IR. Creator of the Thunderbirds.

I finished season 3 of Thunderbirds are Go a few weeks ago, and boy howdy it is a brilliant series. So I decided to make these customs based on the 2015 show.

For Christ Alone!

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1 month ago
I've actually never seen this show
186 models | 16.0k views
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