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Revenge: Skit 7
Published 2 weeks ago
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Justy was vehement. He was breathing hard, his arms firmly crossed, his legs tensed up, his unshaved face reflecting his mental rage from the spiked-up hair to his electrifying teeth. Under his breath, he muttered some jocky remarks. The electro-collar used to contain/control him didn't mind anymore; it just made his neck numb and buzz. He was rethinking the decisions he made about two weeks ago, when he faced off an astronaut, a completely ripped human being, and a strange Lord Garmadon, but he was only thankful in being reincarnated (or respawned in his words) by the Trespassing Preventing System (TPS), which worked by remotely killing the suspect (who had chips implanted into various parts of their body) and respawning them back into prison. And at least he had a friend nearby, though Justy rarely conversed normally with that friend, which, by the way, was Zilla. He was also "respawned" by the system and had an electro-collar placed; Garmadon was not since he was never documented into the system.
The holding room was pitch-black all over, but enough light was present that the corrugated reinforced titanium walls and the black seating benches were easy to make out. The benches were actually very comfortable compared to park benches, as they were not made out of wood, but were composed of steel, cotton, nylon, and leather. The seats were cushioned and slightly warmed by the vents underneath that gently blew air upwards and slightly towards the walls. They were just too small for Zilla though, and Justy did not give a single bit about the comfort of the seats he was sitting on; he was concentrated in his own mental world. The floor was also cushioned.
Zilla walked down the wide aisle when he found the deep-in-thought Justy. In Zilla's right hand was a cookie he snuck out of the prison cafeteria, and in his left hand was the partial remains of a cell door he bend out of shape.
"Hello, Justy Ourave Rageb Uilder!" he exclaimed.
Justy grunted and hit the wall behind him with his left arm. The collar gave a sharp jolt, but that only cranked his head a few degrees.
"...what's te' matter?" asked Zilla, as always. "Ye facial hair's getting more obvious."
"Well YOURS is TOO! Why don't you mind your own fluffy, soft beard, instead of my tacked HAIR? People always pester me here, not even MINDING my time." Justy spat out.
Zilla looked around and took a small step forward with his right foot. "I just wanted to, er, check in you today, as always since we've, uh, ended up here. Ye want a cookie?", and he handed him the cookie.
Justy precisely handled the cookie, pinched out a small morsel, popped it into his teeth, ground it angrily, gave the cookie back to Zilla, and stamped on the bench, slightly denting it.
"...er, well, unexpected, that is. I has formulated a plan, ye see. There's a small flaw, systematically and physically. Ye see this?" Zilla pointed to the bend door in his hand. "I can use it as a probe, there's a small lever that I can move to move te ballast doors, and we'll be freed! Sounds good, alright?"
"Well if that's true, then that's a critical flaw in this already-filthy prison. If what you said can lead us out of this place, then you have earned my dwindling respect. I ain't still trusting you yet, though, Chucky (and you know what happened), so make sure it works first. I ain't going to die again and be trapped into that rotten suscurity" Justy responded.
"Gud," Zilla muttered, and plucked one bar and dropped it onto the floor. "Ize'll test it out."
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you have pretty much gotten down what my personality would look like, except way angrier. if I'm angry, which is really rare, I pent it up inside and try my best to make the person who made me angry as miserable as possible without harming them in any way, like I would target them first in any game or something that would happen that would involve both of us. great story though, and I can see a character ark coming up!
1 week ago
I- XD Zilla.
1 week ago
I also recommend taking out the part that says "D@mn3d"
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