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The Bombers: S2 E3 707th
Published 1 month ago
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"let's go, let's go, let's go." Chrome yelled over the sounds of distant gunfire. "they need backup." They jumped onto speeders and into jetpacks and went full speed onto the desolate plateau. All around them bodies fell, both mechanical and physical. Chrome and his men joined the fight, blasting at droids left and right. Commander Chrome took out his blaster, entrusted to him by CT-00037. With one blast he took out five Battle Droids, sending them to the ground, ripped limb by limb. It was then that he noticed Swift. He had taken to the air on his jetpack. "Get down from there" He called. Lieutenant Swift turned his head, looking down at Chrome. It was only one moment but one moment too soon. A droid fired his weapon at Swift, tearing through him and destroying his jetpack. He fell to the ground, motionless. His other lieutenant fired at the droid repeatedly, tearing him to shreds. Even as Chrome began to run towards his fallen friend a yell filled his ears, one that he seldom heard. "Droidekas!" Kra shouted. Chrome turned his attention to the battle. Two destroyers had rolled up and began to fire. "Strong." He yelled. But he had already moved into action. Strong fired his bazooka at one droideka, disabling the shield for only a second, one second enough. Kra, seeing that strong was readying to fire at the destroyer timed his shot perfectly, it went right through the glitchy shield, piercing the droid through it's mechanical heart. The other one fell close after that. The droids, seeing that their advanced forces had been destroyed retreated, closely followed by the 707th Bombers Squad. Chrome ignored his able bodied troops, going towards the injured one. Swift lay on the big rock, not moving. He checked the pulse, hopeful. Nothing. But then he felt a faint throb. Swift was alive. The 707th bomb squad had won.

Thank you to Daedalus for the first season. He will always be remembered.
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