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Chapter 7
Published 1 year ago
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I through a few easter eggs in here for y'all

As the disguised shuttles safely entered into the now accessible waist bin, Pyro sighed in relief. He’d been worried that he’d mess something up on the flight, but everything had gone smoothly. He landed the craft and leaned back to stretch as Lego_Lover, SnapStudios, and Flameblade rummaged through a crate to get whatever weapon seemed most useful to them. He stood up and yawned, walked over to the others, and looked inside the crate.

“No swords?” He asked in disappointment.

“Not in this crate, but I think there are some in LW and D_R’s ship, they took the majority of the freight.” Snap said, trying to sound encouraging.

Pyro shrugged and pulled out a small blaster, hoping Snap was right. He followed the others out, where everyone else was waiting for Guitarman2 and Lax to arrive.

“Which ship is LW’s?” He asked to nobody specific.

“That one,” Mancontro said, pointing to his left, “they still haven’t come out yet.”

He nodded, walked over to the vessel, and knocked; nothing happened.

“Hello?” He called out as he knocked again, but still nothing happened.

“Keep your voice down,” L_L said while walking over.

“Gman said it didn’t really matter.”

“I know, but I just feel more comfortable if you do. Also, use your com, they might not be able to hear you through the door.”

Pyro called in through the com, but there was no response. Mumbling something to himself he checked to make sure it was on, and then tried again, yet the results were the same. By now some of the others had noticed and started to come over.

“Somethings fishy,” MrBrick whispered to SnapStudios as both JCreations and RickardCinema tried their own coms.

“Is something wrong guys?” Operator’s voice sounded out in everyones earpiece.

“Yeah,” L_L responded. “LW and D_R’s ship won’t open up, and they aren’t receiving our messages either.

“Ah, let me see about this. I can force open those ships from here if I type in the right code.”

There was a comment of science, I mean a moment of silence, and then the back of the ship suddenly dropped open, almost smashing Flamewielder.

“Goodness gravy!” Pyro shouted as he pulled he brother out of the way, feeling every bit like a Thrown Warden. His attention however was quickly shifted towards the shockingly empty ship before them.

“That explains wh—” JCreations started, but was cut off by Operator’s static voice.

“What’s going on people?”

“Um, well, they are not here.”


My face was fixed words the scene before me, and as I looked over the massive purple ship I tried to figure out where I could safely enter. I hadn’t thought this part out yet, and was now puzzled. I didn’t want to be seen by any of my friends, so I had to find a different entrance. I flew in a little closer, unaware that the movement of my ship was obviously contrary to that of regular astroids, and that there were no other space rocks floating around to blend in with.

“Greenie!” A highly frustrated voice called out through my radio as Operators face appeared on a screen before me; causing me to almost jump out of my digital skin. “What on earth are you doing,” he asked firmly.

I didn’t know what to say, and so I didn’t say anything. Instead, I pulled out my lightsaber a smashed the screen, unaware that I’d just destroyed the radio, tracking, firing, and controlling systems as well. The dash now smoked before me,

“You can’t get rid of me that easy,” his voice continued through my earpiece.

With a strange since of deja vu I ripped the small device away from my ear, through it to the ground and then stopped on it. It sparked and went static for a moment, drawing my attention away form the two laser beams that had been fired from the purple ship and were now coming right for me. Thud! The ship lurched and I fell to the ground, instantly springing up to see more fire heading for me. I graded the controls, but they were useless. Kicking at whatever was in front of my foot at the time I turned and pulled a suit and helmet from the wall, I could survive in space with these for an amount of time, and hopefully get to the other ship as well. Once I’d arrayed myself with these, and hooked my lightsaber to my belt and strapped a small jetpack onto my shoulders.

“Here we go,” I said before opening a small hatch a leaping into space.

The air was cool, and I almost panicked for a second. Moving around was harder than I’d anticipated, and lasers were striking my ship only feet away. In order to distance myself I ignited the jetpack and thrusted myself forwards, hoping I’d be able to reach my destination in time. I was moving at a decent pace, however when you’re fearing for your life nothing seems decent enough. Once I reached the halfway point about ten minutes later a small warning light appeared on the visor of my helmet. Fuel Levels Low, it read in red.

“Freakin Starlight,” I said while trying to turn the control nobs on my chest past their maximum levels, which did not good whatsoever.

Eventually the flames faded away, and only a few seconds after I heard my ship explode behind me. I almost looked back, but stopped as I suddenly realized I was still moving. This was space, unless something redirected me I’d go on like this forever! I sighed in relief, I’d still be able to reach the ship without any fuel, and at the same speed. However I kept my position, afraid that the slightest movement might mess anything up. A couple hundred yards later I was now considering how I’d slow myself down. I began flailing my arms, kicking my legs, and even tried blowing with my mouth (an action that only succeeded in fogging up my visor for a short period of time). As these proved to be of little help, I began looking over the controls again for some last spark of hope, and I found it. A reserve switch was placed on one of the chest straps, which I gratefully used to once more ignite my pack and carry me the rest of the way.

Once my feet were weakly planted on the massive space vessel’s outer frame, I began to carefully asses my situation. I needed to be careful, and couldn’t risk losing contact with the ship; if so I’d likely float in space for the rest of my life, which would be short. Lowering to my hands and knees I began to crawl, looking for some kind of access point. Eventually, after fifteen minutes or so, I came to what appeared to be some kind of vent. I examined it, and a few second later had carved an ugly circle with my lightsaber so as to climb through. Once inside I used my weapon as a flashlight, bending over to keep my head from striking the ceiling. I was in a long tunnel, with vents all around. I walked over to the nearest down facing vent, treated it in a similar manner as the first, put my weapon away, and lowered myself into a well lit hallway.

“That was easy,” I said while throwing my helmet and jetpack to the floor, and then unzipping the stuffy spacesuit.

“Halt,” a digitally muffled voice came from behind. I turned to see two white and purple guards standing there, both holding up blasters.

“Uh…” I muttered, but didn’t finish.

“Who are you and what are you doing?”

I stood speechless for a second, and then a thought came to my mind. It was a strange thought, and very clear, almost as if I could hear it. A voice, a lazy and frankly quite annoying voice, was telling me, no urging me to start dancing and singing. I shook my head, but it sounded all the louder. Finally, with nothing else to do, I obeyed it.

“Cause you’re his cheeseburger! His precious cheeseburger! He’ll wait for yo-u, yeah he’ll wait for—” a sharp twang ripped through the air as I suddenly felt something shock me, interrupting my jerky dance and driving me to the floor in a motionless heap.

“That was nuts,” one of the guards said as they both grabbed me by the shoulders and began to drag me away.

“Yeah, well perhaps the boss will know what’s going on.

Goodbye, God bless, Greenflame24!
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1 year ago

1 year ago
Oh so you know all about my life? Name all facts about me
1 year ago
Wait, “Precious” is in yellow!

[/s] Foreshadowing my return...?
1 year ago
Goodness gravy greenie! this is ghastly good!
1 year ago
Me: *Wunders if I will be in the story*. *Realizes that he won't*. Me: Oh vell. I 'ave my own vook.
and in case that wasn't clear, I meant the precious cheeseburger.
1 year ago
Justy after he finds the burger: My Precious.... NO! Greeny wants to take it!
that seems ridiculous.but I technically didn't say it was factually innacurate. XD
1 year ago
Justy a lil bit after: JUSTY JUSTY JUSTY
1 year ago
@Chuck You're still in the group, you just haven't done much yet

@Fireblade Why thank you my kind hearted, um, eh, *thinks of something fitting to say*... but is distracted by the other comments and forgets...

@Lego_Tron Sry
... I have way too many characters to think about... I mean... let me see...
The entire Cyberninja group
Pyro and FlameBlade
Random dude
Tristan Cole (Mecabricks version)
...and I probably forgot about someone

@Justy Well... if you'ed like to know

... you will hate me for this
1 year ago
Why does everyone keep calling me "L_T or Tron or Lego Tron" It makes no sense! Read my username "Lego_Pride." It reads: "Lego_Pride" okay?
we're used to Lego_Tron, not Lego_Pride. simple as that.
also, I can barely load models with videos embedded, so I'm leaving it forever. byeee!
1 year ago
That was hilarious!
I kinda lost it at the end.
1 year ago
These Veggietales references are the BEST.
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