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Emmet's Car Extreme 4x4
Published 7 years ago
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7 years ago
Hahaha that is crazy!
5 years ago
So, I did a little test of the new Advance Template and it's awesome !
The render here is vanilla, I just load up the model add an HDR and a few other models to dress up the scene and hit render.

The shader is really flexible, you can change a lot of things to personalize your render.
Best 10$ I spend this month. Thank you for your work Scrubs !

(I know, the model would have need a little more samples but I didn't have time to render the whole thing again.)
5 years ago
Add rubber to the wheels and render again.
5 years ago
Just need to update the tyre material to rubber to make it awesome
5 years ago
Due to popular demand i did a V2. Tyres are now rubber !

I've also tweaked a little beat the ligth paths. The transparent parts now looks a little worse but that cut my render time by 2/3 so I'm ok with that.
5 years ago
Try to uncheck refractive/reflective instead of lowering the ray bounces. It might give a better result while cutting the render time.
5 years ago
Better. You should test to turn off both Caustics buttons and compare the render (times).
5 years ago
Yeah, I will try that tomorrow !
5 years ago
Just tried to turn off the caustics for a 480x270 render (GPU). No time difference. 3min 51sec with options turned off and 3min 53sec with options on. However, render with caustics on looks better (brighter in some areas). I had a good mixture of solid, transparent and shiny materials.
5 years ago
I also did the test. Exact same scène. http://imgur.com/a/V9sRK
With caustics on : 4m30
With caustics off : 4m07
With caustics and the transparency and the light bounces divided by 2 : 3m55

IMO : I think the best solution if the transparent part is not in the center of your subject is to turn down the light bounce in the Light Paths panel. You don't lose that much on the visual impact but you gain a few precious minutes on rendering.

In the last render I uploaded here I did go a little overboard with transparency scale down to max 2, same with the bounce. The diffuse, glossy and transmission option had also been divided by 2.
5 years ago
Maybe because I was using Branch Path Tracing?
5 years ago
Probably because of Branched path tracing. It is very easy to get big time difference for now gain. I am not experienced enough and I never managed to do what I wanted with this mode. That is why I stick to path tracing for now.
5 years ago
Well, usually the Branched Path Tracing gives you extra control to speed up the renders. Need to find out what increases the render time here.
5 years ago
I confirm that my renders with Caustics (what look much better of course) with Path Tracing makes no difference. I will check out what will cause the extreme render time in Branched Path Tracing.
9 months ago
i just saw this and relized i did a simialr build
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